INFJ Kenzo: Taking Action to Support Financial Inclusion and Equality Across Borders.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2022 / — INFJ Kenzo, the burgeoning music mogul and Artistic Director of OTAON x Streetwear, attended OPERATION HOPE’s Global Forum in Atlanta, GA, on December 11th-13th. The HOPE Global Forum was an invaluable experience that enabled attendees to gain insights and learn best practices from leaders across different industries. Participants engaged in meaningful conversations and heard from esteemed leaders from Government, Community, and Private Sectors to bridge the economic divide.

“Our Annual Meeting is the most important gathering in the world for leaders committed to building an economy where the benefits and opportunities of free enterprise can be extended to everyone,” said Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman, and CEO John Hope Bryant. “We’ll engage individuals and organizations in conversations to demonstrate that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive— that you can grow the table, add a seat and improve your bottom line in the process.”

The Global Forum served as an inspiring platform for Kenzo to continue making strides in uplifting and empowering underprivileged communities. He is grateful for the opportunity to participate in such meaningful work.

This Christmas season, Kenzo is committed to using his platform and influence, not only through music but also through various humanitarian initiatives, to impact people’s lives worldwide positively. It is an incredible opportunity to make fundamental changes in the lives of individuals from underserved communities who are struggling economically. Together we can bridge the divide between greater financial inclusion and ensure that no one is left behind.

INFJ Kenzo is also bringing a particular dose of holiday cheer to California. After attending the OPERATION HOPE Global Forum in Atlanta, GA, on December 11th-13th, Kenzo will perform at Club Bahia in Anaheim, CA, on Thursday, December 15.

Kenzo is thrilled to perform, and support Operation Hope’s mission of empowering the poor and underserved to promote equality for all. With a unique blend of hip-hop, rap, and soulful vibes, Kenzo will make Club Bahia the perfect spot for the holiday celebration.

Kenzo is inviting fans and supporters to join him for a night of music and meaningful conversation about how we can come together as a community this holiday season. So come out to Club Bahia this Thursday and prepare for the perfect Christmas celebration.

We wish you Happy Holidays from INFJ Kenzo and OTAON x Streetwear.

About INFJ Kenzo (Jamal Hansen)
INFJ Kenzo is an artist of a different breed. His story began at 16 when he made a life-altering decision to help save someone in need. He noticed a girl overdosing on fentanyl addiction, and his actions immediately changed her fate for the better. This experience enlightened INFJ Kenzo, causing him to recognize what truly matters – the people we love and those around us. This realization prompted INFJ Kenzo to pursue a career as a Rap artist with a mission to drive change while still inspiring hope among listeners.

His music is unique and captivating; it draws on his own life experiences and those of others to influence his sound. He aims to be an example of love and inclusion through his lyrics and how he carries himself as an artist. Above all else, INFJ Kenzo strives to create music that moves people – harmony with a purpose. Through his work, he hopes to break down the barriers between genres and inspire people to think outside the box. He wants to show his listeners that anything is possible and that they can achieve their goals no matter what.

The artist Kenzo is a multifaceted and prolific figure in the hip-hop world. He collaborates with some of the industry’s most renowned artists and producers, such as Critically Acclaimed Death Row Records E.P Darren Vegas. His sound is unmistakable – a dark yet catchy mix of soulful introspection and intense lyricism. His deep, thoughtful lyrics often explore the darker parts of his psyche, and he has built a devoted following among hip-hop fans for his unique style. His latest album, with over 10 million views in 80 countries within nine months of its release, has been hugely successful.

In addition to his music career, Kenzo is a Senior English Literature major studying Latin & Greek at his Lutheran university. He is also the founder and manager of OTAON x Entertainment, which includes its subsidiary OTAON x Streetwear. With a vision for creating great jobs that provide value to others, Kenzo plans to use his talents to impact his community positively.

He states, “I care more about the people around me and building them up than anything, which is why I’ll never live up to my talent. It’s not about me at all. But truthfully, I love the journey. Smell the roses; enjoy what makes life worth living.”

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