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Author Marni Spencer Devlin’s new book “The List Method ” ” find the love of your life”

Your fairytale ending awaits if you’re willing to follow these easy steps in my new book that releases on Feb 14, 2023. What if this was your last Valentine’s Day on your own?”

— Marni Spencer-Devlin

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 13, 2023 / — Author Marni Spencer-Devlin, say’s” FIND THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE”, Guaranteed! That’s right, finally with her book, THE LIST METHOD “you won’t have to spend another holiday alone!”

The List Method is a simple step-by-step way to find the love of one’s life using neuroscience and tried-and-true strategies to help one uncover and clear away one’s barriers to a successful relationship.

And by becoming aware of one’s own intrinsic needs, desires, values, personal standards as well as a clear vision of what a perfect life would look like and be able to create a detailed List of the one person who matches you in all areas.

Armed with the List, one could potentially meet the love of your life in only days, instead of years. That’s how it worked for Marni, as well as many readers of THE LIST METHOD. It works

Marni said “fairytale ending awaits for those willing to follow these easy steps in her new book that releases on Feb 14, 2023. What if this was your last Valentine’s Day on your own?”

The science behind the human brain and why we often resist the things we want the most.
Why loneliness is the greatest barrier to finding the love you crave and how to never be lonely again.

Rewire your brain so you don’t experience the same disappointing scenarios over and over again.

How to create a detailed List of the ONE person who is your perfect match.


Best Selling Author, Speaker, Marni Spencer-Devlin spent years teaching her empowering brand of personal and professional Authentic Leadership to corporate professionals worldwide.

Marni tells the harrowing story of how she was molested, raped, and forcibly addicted to heroin, becoming a prostitute and a criminal, ended up homeless and finally, landed in prison.

Emerging fiercely determined to create a better life for herself, she soon built a multi-million-dollar business. Her life became a fairytale, yet somehow a sense of fulfillment remained elusive. She had not realized that she merely traded steel handcuffs for golden handcuffs and was still trapped in a prison of sorts. What happened next drove home the point with ferocity. Marni was diagnosed with a deadly disease and only given a year to live. Surprisingly, this turned out to be her greatest gift. With seemingly nothing left to lose, Marni discovered the phenomenal power behind radical authenticity. She became a writer and an artist, and when cure was discovered for her condition, she found a way not only to survive but THRIVE!

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