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Fastracks II

Technology and the Internet combine to connect fans and musicians

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / — Since MTV launched in 1981, music videos have largely been the domain of bands and musicians backed by major record labels, but now, for literally the first time in the history of recorded music, independent artists are producing quality videos and connecting with fans worldwide, thanks to YouTube and the pioneering efforts of “Big” Zak and Susan Becker’s innovative music platform, SOUND KHARMA®.

“Indie artists have to take advantage of all opportunities to get their music exposed to new fans,” says Zak, an award-winning radio host. “That includes music videos uploaded to YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. A well-produced music video can help create a bond between artists and fans as well as generate exposure via searches.”

While major industry talent dole out tens of thousands of dollars for videos produced by big-name directors filming on expensive equipment at exotic locations, tech-savvy indie artists are entering the game through another route.

“Renting a set, hiring actors, and paying an editing staff are no longer necessary,” says Becker, who in addition to cofounding SOUND KHARMA® with his wife, Susan, is an audio & video editor and web developer. “For artists on a budget, a good music video can be shot and edited on mobile devices, since most newer models are extremely high quality.”

Those devices need an app. “Basic video editing apps are fairly easy to use with a relatively low learning curve,” says Susan. “We have worked with several artists, like Holden Miller, who have shot footage on their cell phones and edited themselves.” Miller’s video, “Dopamine,” showcases the new trend. “The biggest cost is time, and the payoff is worth the effort,” Becker says.

His platform is hip and cool, allowing anyone anywhere to upload videos. The best are showcased on Fastracks, the linked indie-music podcast that famously highlights five new songs in under five minutes. Not only new drops and listenable tracks, but bios, backgrounds, and other information abound.

“All music should be heard,” Becker says, calling SOUND KHARMA® “a movement for music fans and creators—all types and genres. We encourage participation from everyone from artists and musicians to promoters and fans. Our mission is to showcase and feature talented independent artists, unsigned artists, and everyone in between.”

BIO: Becker’s wife, Susan, is the founder, CEO, and overall visionary behind SOUND KHARMA®. Her experience in the broadcast radio business and excitement for great music drives her passion. Susan Becker’s artistic spirit, natural talent, and affection for showcasing amazingly talented artists are the driving force behind the mission to expand and change the way new music is consumed by existing and new fans. Zak Becker is the host of “Song Spotlight” and the “Fastracks” series. His experience as an award-winning radio host, audio & video editor, and web developer provides a perfect balance to execute the vision for the SOUND KHARMA®platform.

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