Cooking on a New Zealand-made Bakewell outdoor fireplace oven in front of a pink setting sky surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills in beautiful Sonoma County

Wood-fired, brick-lined cooking in a New Zealand-made Bakewell Burner

The Bakewell Burner has a cast iron hotplate that can swivel into or out of the fireplace oven for easy cooking.

The Bakewell cast iron hotplate extended for easy cooking.

A woman has her hands up as she feels the warmth from the fire in an Bakewell Burner outdoor fireplace oven.

The Bakewell Burner has efficient heat transfer that pushes heat forward instead of up.

A Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Fireplace Oven

SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 11, 2022 / — Bakewell Burners is proudly introducing the first New Zealand-made outdoor fireplace-oven in exclusive quantities to America. “Bakewells” are handcrafted thoughtfully so that each one is a useful piece of art with its own unique touch of hand.

Bakewell Burners is a thriving boutique brand in the New Zealand market, and was featured in Uno Magazine as the “Best on the Market.” The burner is “made from aluminum, so won’t rust, which is perfect for coastal climates. The swing lever makes taking hot food out of the oven safe and easy. The detachable side shelves [add] extra cooking space. And, moving from one area to another is easy, as the fireplace is on wheels.”

Celebrating the blending of human touch and machine, the beauty of the Bakewell starts with design and craftsmanship. Bakewell Burners are made using a thick, marine grade, quarter-inch aluminum plate which is durable, weatherproof, and of premium quality. Efficient heat transfer has been made possible by an engineered heat deflecting plate that throws the heat forward, instead of sending it up the chimney. Cook your favorite dishes, stoke up the fire, and sit back with your friends and family to enjoy a piece of New Zealand in your own backyard.

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About Bakewell Burners:
Bakewell Burners is a brand focused exclusively on offering a quality, New Zealand-made, design-focused, multi-functional outdoor fireplace to the American market. All Bakewell Burners fireplaces are proudly handcrafted in New Zealand. The firebricks are produced in the U.S.

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