Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1 – The Blue Moon Cafe Cover – The Five1Hero’s first full length solo album

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Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1, The Blue Moon Café, is a fun album with a lot going on, and like nothing you have ever heard.

“This album is a big deal for me for sure. After Global Domination, I knew I had a solo album in my blood”

— The Five1Hero

SAN FRANCSISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2023 / — 2022 was quite a year for the Five1Hero. He and his brand-new record label Fresh Cut Wax released The Renegades Worldwide Full-Length Album – Global Domination, as well as 6 singles, as well as releasing 5 singles and an EP under his solo name, and releasing an additional 3 singles with Sacramento Rock Band, Young Beard. Therefore, it is no surprise the Indie Label release three albums the first day of the year in 2023, Including the Renegades Worldwide Remixed album Global Remixes, Young Beards Big September, and Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1 – The Blue Moon Café, ‘Hero’s first full length solo album.

“This album is a big deal for me for sure. After Global Domination, I knew I had a solo album in my blood, and I knew it was going to be WAY easier and simpler than the Renegades Worldwide project. I definitely wanted to show my diversity in music beyond Hip Hop as well and go to my House and Downtempo Roots. I had the Idea of a Sunday Brunch theme and have the sounds revolve around a Café, paying homage to my culinary roots in San Francisco as well.” (Little known fact, The Five1Hero is a California Culinary Academy graduate and he worked at many great restaurants in San Francisco as a cook and sous chef.)

“I would say I was influenced by artists like The Tonka Sound System DJ’s mentioned on this album, Garth, Jeno, and Thomas (and the many others), as well as recording artists like DJ Krush, Nightmares on Wax, The Herbaliser, and Thievery Corporation among others, and wanted to create an album that told a story. The vibe was going to be a Sunday Brunch Mimosa Vibe. I honestly pictured females drinking mimosas at house brunch parties as a big part of the demographic, but not my only demographic and I also wanted to keep it real with some beats and rhymes.” Explains ‘Hero.

The end result, Sunday Brunch Playlist Volume 1, The Blue Moon Café. The Playlist itself, tells the story and explains the album…

It is Sunday Morning, and You are Going to Brunch! Time to wake up and witness…

1. Jah Rising. The sun is struggling to break through the fog of the Bay City. The sweatsuits, dogs, and strollers start appearing as
2. Café Moon Blue, otherwise known as the Blue Moon Café, is starting to prepare for their famous Brunch Service. The Hottest brunch spot in the avenues, if not the City! The Café is situated a block from the City Park. You can hear Mica Franco, Lead singer of the Blue Moon Café Lounge Band warming up as the crew starts kitchen prep and the waiters start their
3. Table Setting. The waiters move almost like a ‘Disco Ballet’ as they set the white tablecloths, and silverware. Flowers are being delivered for the table center pieces. In the kitchen the crew is prepping everything from
4. Biscuits and Gravy, to Benedicts, and the Omelet Bar. You can almost hear the meticulous concentration as they scramble in sync to prepare for service. The Piano player is
5. Tuning the Keys in ‘Memory’, As the band warms up, the keys player tunes to a version of the piano solo from the famous Renegades Worldwide song, Memory of a Memory. The doors open and the Café is buzzing as usual. The Blue Moon Café Lounge Band hits the stage and performs their hit
6. A Mi Lado, performed by Mica Franco. Plates of food are hitting the table alongside espressos, mimosas, and Bloody Mary’s. It is a good time at the Blue Moon Café, but not everyone looking on is having fun. A neighbor in a 2nd story apartment looks on as she plays her Ukulele and watched her friends having fun who didn’t invite her out last night shou up to the Café still laughing as well as her recent ex-boyfriend with his new girl toy
7. Maya. She drinks her Cabernet at 10 in the morning, unseen and unheard by the Blue Moon patrons, singing to her flowers. Meanwhile,
8. Red Eye Gravy is the big seller this morning service as the band continues with an instrumental piece. As it gets closer to 11:00 a ‘seedier’ club crowd tends to hit up the bar for Bloody Mary’s, as they head from the clubs the previous night, to
9. Liquid Sunday Park, where a day party is held with the cities best DJ’s, and get their
10. Sunday Park Groove on. It is not always sunshine and roses however at The Blue Moon Café, as unbeknownst to any patron, 2 internationally wanted criminals have entered the café and
11. The Hit on their lives has just been ordered. A woman, only known as “Honey’ prepares to make her journey to the Blue Moon Café and blow their heads off right the on the patio. By now it is time to
12. Get Going, as Mica Franco gently sings to let patrons of the Blue Moon Café know that service is ending and it’s time to get going. It’s time a great time to take a
13. Sunday Stroll down the street and get the Hell out of there.

I wonder what will happen next week at the Blue Moon Café?

The album is clean, crisp, and vibrant, and while each track is different, they weave this story nicely. The Five1Hero brings forward some familiar faces from Renegades Worldwide, emcees Micwise and Honey-B-Sweet, both performing very unique songs as well as Mica Franco who performed on “Memory of a Memory” and ‘Global Domination’, who has 3 solo songs on this album. Franco’s first song, Café Moon Blue, a deep house song, explains the happenings of the Café. A Mi Lado, a jazzier lounge song sung in Spanish, and Get Going, a fun little anthem announcing the party is over at the Blue Moon Café. The album also features KEL who was a competitor on the TV Show X Factor singing a very powerful song and video you can watch below. Beyond that there are 7 instrumental tracks ranging from Table Setting, a groovy disco jam featuring thrash funk bass legend, Jon the Fawn doe, to Jah rising, a very classic Ska / Reggae vibe, perfect for waking up to on Sunday morning.
If you are looking for a reservation to the Blue Moon Café you can purchase the album here for only $6.99

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