USPS Operation Santa volunteers answered a letter to Santa from this happy little girl.

Guess who wrote to Santa? USPS Operation Santa volunteers answered a letter to Santa from this happy little girl.

Christmas volunteers adopted actual letters to Santa and sent gifts directly to the children who wrote him. Some letters asked Santa only for new shoes or food.

Some Be An Elf volunteers feel alone and sad over the holidays, and find comfort and inspiration volunteering for this program. It’s micro-philanthropy, direct from each volunteer to a child.”

— Patrick Reynolds

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2022 / — Some of the children’s letters to Santa ask only for new shoes, clothes, or Christmas dinner. Letters from parents are often cries for help, saying they lost their jobs, have health or other life challenges, and have no money to buy their kids gifts. Many moms list their kids’ clothing sizes and enclose their kids’ letters in the same envelope.

The US Postal Service’s Operation Santa® has made the saddest letters to Santa available for adoption by the public every year since 1912.

Although not affiliated with the USPS®, Be An Elf is a tax-exempt charity that supports the program in several key ways. Our news releases increase public awareness of the USPS program, and thanks to a major grant from Google for free advertising, we recruit thousands of new volunteers every year who in turn send gifts to kids. We also provide a great guide for newcomers, and the sign-up list at our website enables us to remind thousands of people every November that it’s time again to volunteer.

People who are too busy to adopt a letter and mail gifts themselves can make a tax-deductible contribution at Donations enable the charity to send more gifts and bring joy to low-income children at Christmas. In addition to the letters we adopted at the Postal Service’s website, our charity has received hundreds of heartbreaking emails to Santa, but we could not adopt them all.

Sign up at to be reminded about USPS Operation Santa ® next year. When you adopt a letter yourself, it’s micro-philanthropy, direct from you to a family, with no charity involved. You can mail your gifts directly to the child or family who wrote the letter, and the post office will deliver your gifts.

Be An Elf adopts as many letters to Santa as donations permit. One letter we adopted this year from a 12 year old said, “I’m sad this Christmas because my Mom lost her job. I’m not asking for much, but I need new clothes. I feel ashamed sometimes at school.”

We also offer tips for struggling families asking for help getting Christmas gifts for their kids. Not least, we support companies by providing a plan to invite employees to join a team and adopt a letter to Santa.

Some letters we adopt are from single moms who say their children are still too young to write and list their kids’ ages and clothing sizes. Be An Elf uses a portion of our donations to send the Moms gift cards; we trust they will buy what their kids need most. Some of the Santa letters we’ve adopted in the past are posted at our website.

Your tax-deductible gift to Be An Elf means that more low-income kids will get presents on Christmas morning in 2023. Donate at .

Thank you for supporting our worthy work. We’re an all-volunteer 501c3 group, so your tax-deductible gift goes a long way here. Please donate, and together we will put smiles on more children’s faces this holiday season.

You’ll rediscover the true meaning of Christmas, and help bring joy to kids in real need on Christmas morning.

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