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BEE Integrates AI into the email creation process

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Beat writer’s block with AI

OpenAI-Powered Assistant Now Integrated into BEE’s Visual Design Tools to Boost Content Creators’ Productivity

We’ve long believed that AI assistants can help content creators do more with less, and so we’re really thrilled to take this first step.”

— Massimo Arrigoni, CEO of BEE

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2023/ — Today, BEE Content Design, a leading digital content design platform, announced the integration of an OpenAI-powered assistant into its products, BEE Plugin and BEE Pro. The integration serves as a personal writing assistant designed to help email marketers do more with less. By eliminating the need to use multiple tools, and enabling seamless communication with the personal assistant, everyone is able to craft high-performing and beautiful emails and landing pages.

Key Benefits of the Integration:

– Gain a competitive advantage: With BEE Plugin, over 600 SaaS companies are able to effortlessly deliver AI writing assistance to their end-users, improving their customer engagement and overall experience. Platforms that have embedded BEE’s design tools include Iterable, Freshworks, Bloomreach, Optimove, Blueshift,, Splio, and countless others.

– Do more, faster: BEE Pro, the company’s complete email and landing page design suite, now gives its over 40,000 monthly active users direct access to a range of AI-powered features, making it easier and faster to create engaging, on-brand, high-quality copy quickly and easily.

The AI Assistant, initially available within the paragraph block, allows users to beat writer’s block, quickly draft a new opening statement, and access an array of features that make email creation faster and more efficient. The AI Assistant can also be used to put a new angle on sales copy, check spelling and grammar, and even create variations for A/B testing. Built-in features such as “Saved rows” can then be used to seamlessly save the multiple versions as reusable content blocks.

“We’ve long believed that AI assistants can help content creators do more with less, and so we’re really thrilled to take this first step,” said Massimo Arrigoni, CEO of BEE. “There are many other ways in which AI can make our visual content creation tools more helpful, so stay tuned for much more to come in this area later this year.”

The use of AI assistants is growing rapidly among marketing and communication specialists because their impact on productivity is immediate and tangible, and BEE is making it easier for customers to harness its power.

To see the new AI assistant in action, check out the short video preview available here.


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