She succeeded as a woman of color by creating an award-winning global leadership training certification on improving employee and customer experience

Inspiration came to me as an understanding of what starts to move when we are in our hearts sincerely to care.”

— Crystal D’Cunha

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 14, 2022 / — As the first child and first grandchild, Crystal D’Cunha jokes that she was born into a leadership role. And it’s true that even from her earliest job she couldn’t wait to “run wild” with her own ideas, leading and inspiring others. Eventually she was able to bring that energy to her retail job, where she led the management training program. “It was so motivating and inspiring to me when they would send me somebody new or I would hire somebody with little experience, develop them and then they’d go take on their multimillion-dollar store,” she says.

Genuine care for the success of others is critical for a leader, Crystal believes. Now CEO of The Inside View, a customer experience (CX) design firm, she explains that a leader’s most important job is “to create environments where people can thrive and succeed.” That’s what she teaches in her award-winning, eight-week leadership program for corporate teams. The fact that the program has been internationally recognized is a credit to her ability to build trust, even in rooms where she often stands out as different. “I’m a woman and I’m a woman of color. According to the diversity chart, that’s kind of the bottom of the barrel, right?” she says. “Trying to go into established businesses who are really wanting to make a shift in employee experience and customer experience and be open to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and here’s me coming into a business that’s most likely owned and operated by Caucasian men—that was tricky.

We all do business with people we like and trust. So I really had to learn how to develop trust. And I’ve done it.”
Her training program contains a wealth of tools and wisdom but it boils down to these three goals: igniting leaders, exciting employees, and delighting customers. There are two customer types, Crystal explains: internal and external. The internal customer are not only your employees, but anyone you partner with in business—an accountant, a supplier, a distributor. “They have to be raving fans,” she says. “They have to find value in you and love doing business with you. That’s when they can transfer those emotions to your customer.” And everyone can do it. If a small business client tells Crystal they can’t do things that the Fortune 500 companies do, she tells them, “It’s not about having a big budget. It’s about taking action and designing something that works for both the employees and the customers.” It’s being intentional and willing to put yourself in the shoes of your customers to understand their experience and make it the best it can be.

Crystal’s website,, is full of resources and tips. You can also find her on Instagram @crstld and @gettheinsidevu as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn. Read much more of her advice in the new book Inspiring Women Who Boss Up, a collection of interviews with female entrepreneurs that is packed with compelling stories, practical advice, and role models for any woman looking to boss up in her career or life.

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