You lead with your strengths, find your niche, and work with a team, the lifestyle you want is within your reach.

It’s okay to be completely selfish and to take care of yourself first. And it’s okay to have self actualization.”

— Jennifer Maher

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 16, 2022 / — Jennifer Maher is an amazing combination of humble and successful. Pregnant and single at age 27, she looked for a career she could manage while also being there for her daughter and she discovered real estate. Driven, a quick-learner, and a people-pleaser, Jennifer was a top producer when the housing crash came. But in a pattern that would repeat itself, rather than use that as an excuse to give up, she looked around to find her sphere of influence and how she could leverage it for success.
That’s what led her to commercial real estate and her next challenge. “I was the chairwoman of the local chamber of commerce at that point,” she explains. “My sphere of influence was business owners and elected officials and they weren’t going anywhere. I had just done a commercial transaction, and I thought, ‘Okay, let me get into commercial real estate.’ I loved it because it’s different. You’re solving problems and getting creative. I love zoning and development, all the aspects of it. With residential, I was not challenged.”
Fast forward: Having joined forces with J. Philip Real Estate in 2013, she immediately launched a new residential office and then a separate commercial company as a partner. Jennifer was the driving force behind growing the firm to more than 100 associates and going from 30 mm in sales volume to nearly 300mm in 2021.
Through the growth of the company, Jennifer experienced her own growth, working with a coach and focusing on self care. In the past 10 years, she has been driven towards self-actualization, which led her to realize that she wanted to create a lifestyle where she could stop always doing for others and start focusing on her passion, coaching and helping others realize their life force and fulfill their dreams.
The result is Grit Assist, her new company that combines real estate coaching with virtual assistance, team building and leads so that her real estate clients can actually find the time and space to implement not only what they learn in coaching, but to also stay in their strengths and have more time for family and personal development “Grit Assist is an idea to bridge that gap between what somebody knows they’re capable of and who knows what they want, and then actually implementing,” she explains It’s the coaching aspect of Grit Assist that really lights her up, because she is so confident she can help people get unstuck and find their way forward in the fast-paced, competitive real estate world. “There really is a spot for everybody in this industry,” she says, “every personality profile, whatever your strengths, whatever your weaknesses—as long as you have a team leader, a coach, or someone who knows how to place you in your strengths. Especially for women as real estate provides the flexibility a woman needs with the opportunity she deserves”..

Reach out to Jennifer at her website, Find her on Instagram @GritAssistcoach and on Facebook as Grit Assist. She welcomes emails at
You can also find much more advice from Jennifer in the compelling new book Women Who Boss Up in Real Estate, a collection of interviews with brokers, agents, and owners who are breaking the mold in real estate and ready to inspire the next generation of women to find success in this fast-paced, highly lucrative industry.

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