AI-based data authentication is crucial, cost-effective and a value-added service for businesses.

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2022 / — The digital facts of business data life show that businesses are drowning in data. Ultimately, the result is dangerously risky clutter.

“Businesses need to integrate and standardize data, so it can be efficiently analyzed and improve operations,” says BlockDrive Inc. CEO Harry Curtin.

The risky clutter of data explains the surge in demand for different types of user authentication technologies, for both online and in physical systems. Some of the various reasons range from access control reasons to business development purposes, like adding e-commerce elements.

But cybercriminals are also improving their attacks. It’s a key reason why businesses are opting for more sophisticated incident response strategies, including AI-based data authentication, as part of the process.

Simple but complex, AI-based user authentication is a method that keeps unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information. And BlockDrive, the no-code data quality tool that cost-effectively eliminates the heavy lifting of data cleansing, is again on the cutting edge.

Harry Curtin explained that BlockDrive is responding to the need to integrate and standardize data. Also, it is now offering effective AI-based data authentication services.

Some of the strategic authentication features include highlighting potential fraud, data validation, multi-source raw data integration, advanced AI to detect data irregularity, and more.

A prime example of BlockDrive’s AI-based data authentication services was a software company which needed an effective solution to validate new bank customers and authenticate their identification. “Traditionally, it is a bank’s responsibility to determine if an individual is who they say they are,” he explained. “Cross referencing customer data is an enormous task, which can highlight actual fraud and human error. Both of which can put the institution at risk.”

BlockDrive’s AI-based data authentication service shortened the entire process from days to seconds. The BlockDrive, real-time data validation delivered confidence and a solution to help the bank see areas of inconsistent data.

By removing manual efforts and plugging various raw data sources together into one view of the customer, now enables opening accounts with a 30-second background check, instead of the frustration of days-long holds.

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