LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — For most entrepreneurs, a shared hosting solution it’s enough in the early stages. On the other hand, things are different when it comes to an online store or a brand with a big marketing budget. In such situations, a BlueVPS package will be a better alternative from the start. Here are the advantages!

Performance And Speed
With VPS hosting, the resources are virtualized for each client. That means everyone gets an isolated part from the physical machine, the structure being similar with a dedicated server. In terms of performance, a VPS does considerably better than shared hosting. Companies are also allowed to scale the resources as the traffic continues to grow on the website. This will increase the speed and will guarantee visitors always have a good UX experience

Higher Levels of Control
Lots of people believe a virtual server requires advanced technical knowledge, but that’s not always the truth. When it comes to management, everyone can do the installation and the initial setup for the software. BlueVPS lets each customer choose the OS and offer extra IPs for their Linux servers. Certain websites require unique software and eCommerce businesses might benefit from having a VPS because of the strict security protocols.

Cloud Technology
Since BlueVPS is based on cloud technology, there’s no need for manual intervention when there are configuration issues. The platform prevents any system failure and guarantees almost 100% uptime, because of the architecture. Cloud hosting services respond to any amount of traffic and adapt to changes fast. A network with such servers is the ideal choice for developers, as well as business owners.

Storage and Bandwidth
The unlimited bandwidth can support changes in traffic and it’s an essential service to avoid unexpected costs in the future. A VPS will also come with lots of storage space if a client selects a HDD server. This is useful for brands that rely on heavy files and media elements. If a company can sacrifice storage for speed, then a SSD hosting is another alternative. In both cases, there must be enough RAM and CPU to support the content.

Improved Security
BlueVPS has active firewalls that analyze the traffic and stops bots from accessing the server. Consequently, the chance of experiencing a DDoS attack is small. Business owners also have the opportunity to install an additional antivirus on Linux, as well as implementing an automated back-up solution. VPS hosting is known for its protection and there are many practices someone can follow against security threats.

Technical Support
Running a website can be a real challenge, because there are some technical issues that seem almost impossible to solve. The good news is anyone can get technical support with a VPS hosting plan. There’s a team which can be reached 24/7 and the answers will be delivered fast via email. This service is great to rely upon when there are hard moments.

Affordable prices
Unlike dedicated hosting, a VPS is still an affordable solution. Even if these are not huge servers, the resources provided are more than enough. The packages from BlueVPS start at just 3.99$/month and provide everything required to start and run a profitable website.

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