Debut of new children's book series: Financially Fit Kidz,

New Financially Fit Kidz Book Series #1 “Darius Wants a Dog”

Authors Bob Wheeler and Phillip McAdoo debut Darius Wants a Dog, the first of eight stories included in The Financially Fit Kidz series.

The Financially Fit Kidz Book Series will spark easy chats with your child, and jumpstart beneficial life-long money habits. Darius Wants a Dog, is a great intro for making positive choices.”

— Bob Wheeler

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022 / — Authors Bob Wheeler and Phillip McAdoo debut Darius Wants a Dog, the first of eight stories included in The Financially Fit Kidz series. Each book in the series will be co-authored by Bob Wheeler and a community thought leader exploring money choices and lessons for children. This engaging book teaches young readers about Darius. Darius decides that he desperately needs to have a dog and quickly learns that wanting new things can also require time, money, being responsible, and sometimes, deciding it’s okay to change your mind!

Darius wants a dog, but he doesn’t know if he wants the responsibility. When Darius asks both his dads for a dog, they encourage Darius to babysit his aunt’s dog first. While it’s so much fun to play with the dog, Darius also learns about budgeting for things like food and toys, how to make time for a pet, and that owning a dog isn’t fun and games, all the time.

Bob Wheeler says, “I am excited to share that 10% of the profits will be allocated into marginalized communities and non profit organizations to help increase financial literacy for children. Empowering kids and their communities is just one way the Financially Fit Kidz book series can make a difference.” Pre Order books HERE.

Bob Wheeler, Certified CPA | CFO of The Comedy Store: Recently seen on the Dr. Phil show; Bob is a man of true integrity with infectious energy. His crusade for personal growth has cross-pollinated with his accounting practice to create a new approach to personal finances. His passion is to help others gain insights about how their emotions trigger financial decisions. Combining finances with behaviors, Bob explores his personal concept of creating a healthy relationship with money in his book, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotion of Money, along with his popular podcast, Money You Should Ask. Find Bob at

Dr. Philip D. McAdoo, EdD: Philip served as the former Director of Equity, Justice and Community at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. He is a proud father and author of two books: Every Child Deserves and Independent Queers: LGBTQ Educators in Independent Schools Speak Out. He is currently the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Philip McAdoo Diversity and Inclusion Consulting, LLC ( He lives in Atlanta with Sean, his partner, Zaden, his son and Bart-ley, their wondrous dog.

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