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Bonner Grove Teapothecary creates a first-of-its-kind tea kit with a ‘local-first’ spin on an overseas-driven market.

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2022 / — Bonner Grove Teapothecary, a small family business, has taken a unique spin on the typical American tea. After the owners discovered most tea was shipped from overseas, they created their own tea blends with ingredients sourced and grown locally…and placed these blends into a customizable kit to get more consumers to experience local tea.

“Coming from a family of tea drinkers, I know we all have our preferences. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to tea that people like to drink. One thing many tea drinkers love is to try different types of tea. Yet, you’re usually forced to buy a box of only one kind. Not only is this kit customizable giving the customer more control over what they choose to buy…it’s filled with ingredients sourced and grown locally which is extremely rare,” says Amber Butler, Marketing Director of Bonner Grove Teapothecary.

The customizable kit is the first of its kind in the marketplace. Details include:

– Tea blend ingredients sourced and grown in the U.S.
– All ingredients are backed by research showing proven bodily benefits
– Customizable kit by selecting any tea
– Each tea blend is sugar-free with no additives and packed with flavor
– Customers can taste the best-of-the-best ingredients harvested across the U.S.

This new tea sampler kit makes the perfect gift for avid tea drinkers and those new to drinking tea.

Contact Amber Butler for more details. We are available for interviews and more information.

About Bonner Grove Teapothecary

Bonner Grove Teapothecary is a family-owned business helping everyone care for their health through every cup of tea. Each ingredient in their unique tea blends is sourced from local farmers and much of the teaware is curated from local artisans. With a focus on all aspects of health, Bonner Grove Teapothecary is transforming the way Americans drink tea. Facebook: @bonnergrovetea, Instagram: @bonnergrovetea, TikTok: @bonnergrovetea,

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