Bipolar Heaven and Hell

Amazon Reviewers Give “Bipolar Heaven and Hell” High Approval, Recommendations

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 22, 2023/ — With the tight competition in the book industry, not all the books get the attention from book readers, especially those that tackle topics like bipolarity.

Recently, a book has been gaining its much-deserved attention on Amazon, garnering positive reviews from book buyers.

Entitled, “Bipolar Heaven and Hell”, the book speaks about the experience of author George “Many Waters” Davis, in a memoir that sheds light to the various issues of bipolarity, aiming at more understanding, acceptance, and respect for bipolars worldwide.

“I wish to share my own story so that more people will gain understanding of this disorder, and hopefully bring more bipolars into their much-deserved treatment – with respect, understanding, and inclusivity in the society” Davis says.

A taboo it is considered, bipolarity is, according to Mayo Clinic, formerly called manic depression, which is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression).

Davis believes that while many people suffer from the disorder, more families do suffer too – the impact is much deeper and wider as it breaks healthy relationships worldwide. He goes on to say that these negative impacts could be avoided.

“When you have dealt with bipolar for this long, you are able to see the symptoms and recognize them in everyday people,” he explains. Davis’ first bipolar episode happened back in 1972, when Davis was part of an infantry battalion deployed in Vietnam.

Michele Klawitter, a book-buyer says, “It’s always nice to read of personal experiences with different mental health issues for those that don’t have it. Someday you will come in contact with someone that has this issue. Definitely a must read.”

“Bipolar Heaven and Hell” is now available on Amazon and other digital bookstores worldwide.

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