Where is the Justice?: Second Edition

“Where Is Justice?” Gives New Perspectives for All Readers

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many people have a set of ways of living in this world. However, what if I tell you that there are certain realities and ideas that will reveal that you could live better away from your set of ideologies that you now believe in?

The book “Where is Justice?” promises to do just that. Written by Author William Hill, the book will open your minds and hearts about the realities of life through various topics that talk about the current state of the society in general. The book also talks about the author’s personal struggles and challenges.

“I have always felt that we have the greatest country in the world,” says Hill. “It has always given me great pleasure to see honest, hardworking people who are willing to take risks to get ahead and succeed. I always felt that this was that America got to be great and that we all should be working hard to help improve our own lives and the lives of others by carrying on this great American tradition,” he continues.

As a result of being brought up with this thinking, Hill is more than willing to go out of his way to try to help people succeed and obtain their goals. Many of this new generation of do-gooders, as they are often called, seem to think that everybody should live on handouts and that anyone who is successful should be cut back down and not allowed to succeed as this is not fair to the less fortunate. Hill believes that what they do not realize is that the people who are more successful probably do more to help the less fortunate than all the government and giveaway programs can ever hope to do.

As an example, Hill states that a person who is successful usually lives in a little better house. “Many now think that this is wrong, but that person probably pays several times the property taxes of someone living in a less expensive home,” Hill says. He believes that this will benefit everyone as this helps to educate their children and pay for many of the local services that people demand today.

Pacific Book Review describes the book as “a lengthy yet captivating and mind-blowing look into one man and one family’s experiences when a successful man seeking to help others gets taken advantage of.”

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