BravePact EMS Billing Services

BravePact EMS Billing Services

Running Through Walls”

— Anthony Schwartz

EL DORADO HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2022 / — At BravePact EMS Billing, they take their job of protecting ambulance companies seriously. Their team of billing experts aim for the highest results with maximum effort for every client. Bravepact uses state-of-the-art technology to accomplish that goal.

In a brief interview, Anthony Schwartz of Bravepact EMS Billing gives an insight into their top-notch services.

Q: What was the driving force that motivated you to create BravePact?
A: There are a lot of really good EMS billing services out there. If you are happy with the one you are with right now, stay with them. We jumped into this space as our technology expertise gives us a unique perspective and an advantageous position to be your billing vendor if you have a need.

Q: Your software seems very sophisticated. What is the benefit of the software that BravePact uses?
A: The software we include and use really enables BravePact to operate merely as an extension of the agency. Our certified people and our technology flow are great — but it is all still very much under the control of the agency itself.

Q: What if the agency wants to do their own billing again in-house?
A: As an extension of that this also allows an agency to change course down the line. For example, say their business changes and they decide they wish to take their billing back in-house and not use a billing service. We have options where we can turnkey software/data to them for a fairly seamless transition.

Q: Your website has a motto that says, “Running Through Walls.” What does that mean?
A: We mean that our effort level is far higher than you are used to seeing. We take it personally when something isn’t right for your agency. If it takes going through a wall to get you the results you need, we will.

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