To Catch a Killer, She Must Face Her Past.

Murray Ghost – Love is Worth Sticking Around For

Producer, Director, Writer Brian Herskowitz

Brian Herskowitz’s short film takes home wins for Best Web Series/TV Pilot and His Screenplay Conceptus is Honored with Best Feature Screenplay.

It was an honor to be recognized for my short Web Series/TV pilot and the screenplay of Conceptus. Every artist yearns for the kind of encouragement that winning The Vegas Movie Awards supplies.”

— Brian Herskowitz

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2022 / — Contact:
Brian Herskowitz

Brian Herskowitz wins 3 Awards at the Vegas Movie Awards™

The web series/TV pilot Murray Ghost is the winner of the prestigious Las Vegas-based Film Festival Vegas Movie Awards™ for Best Web Series/TV pilot Award of Prestige, while the original song from the show “Stick Around” took home the Merit award for Best Song. Finally, the mystery/crime thriller Conceptus won for Best Feature Screenplay Award of Prestige.

Murray Ghost tells the story of Murray having a bad day. He lost his job, his wife left him, and on top of it all, he’s dead.

Conceptus is the story of Columbus, Ohio, Homicide Detective Laura Drummond. As a young girl, she was brutally attacked and left for dead. Now, 24 years later, she investigates a serial killer whose m.o. is eerily similar to the assault that nearly took her life. To catch the killer, she must face her past.

Murray Ghost was produced, written, and directed by Brian Herskowitz. Conceptus is an original script that Brian wrote. The novelization of Conceptus, which he also wrote, is available on many book websites.

Murray Ghost was a family affair with Maggie Herskowitz writing the lyrics and Bailey Herskowitz performing the award-winning song Stick Around. Nashville composer Leonard Wolf wrote the music for the song and the movie’s score. The short film also stars Supergirl’s Helen Slater.

Murray Ghost and Conceptus managed to win such an important award in a sought-after high-class film competition, the Vegas Movie Awards™, one of the most influential and best-reviewed film festivals worldwide, committed all-year round to provide filmmakers with unmeasured value, education, and opportunities for more conscious and fulfilling growth in their careers and lives.

This major achievement at the Vegas Movie Awards™, a member of the Film Festival Alliance, allows the entire team behind Murray Ghost and Conceptus to now join a VMA Alumni elite composed of visionary talent from more than 80 countries, and Academy Awards®, Emmys®, Golden Globes®, and BAFTA®-winning filmmakers such as Guy Nattiv, Olivia Colman, Marisa Tomei, William Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Ron Perlman, Vinnie Jones, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Dourdan, Danny Trejo, Franco Nero, Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Gerard Depardieu, to name a few.

VMA’s mission is to shine the spotlight on the world’s finest films and filmmakers right from the city of a thousand lights. Submissions for the Vegas Movie Awards™ are now open and received from all over the world at

This is Brian Herskowitz’s statement after this important achievement: “It was a great honor to be recognized for not only my short Web Series/TV pilot but the screenplay of Conceptus. I think every artist yearns for the kind of encouragement that winning The Vegas Movie Awards supplies.”

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