Art Can Kill - Bookcover

Art Can Kill – Bookcover

Botticelli - Primavera

Botticelli – Primavera

Doomsday radicals are destroying some of Man’s finest achievements in their quest to end hydrocarbon use.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 9, 2022 / — Recently, climate change extremists have started vandalizing priceless artworks and more to drive attention to their mission for the termination of all harvesting and use of hydrocarbons. From throwing mashed potatoes at a painting by Monet to emptying tomato soup onto a van Gogh to gluing themselves to Botticelli’s Primavera, these extremists are demanding public attention be focused on their demands.

While they might have a sympathetic ear in some parts of the public, many are decrying their destructive tactics and demanding the extremists be punished for their overt destruction of iconic cultural symbols.

Bryan Cooke, author and president of Cooke’s Crating and Fine Arts Transportation, one of America’s oldest and most respected fine arts handlers and shippers, had this to offer:

“Historically art has been vandalized by conquering armies and deranged individuals.  Unfortunately the latest trend is groups seeking publicity for their causes by attacking art inside museums and galleries.”

When asked what might be done to protect priceless art from extremists, he said:

“Vandalizing any work of art is heinous, but short of encasing everything inside bullet proof glass cases, there isn’t much else that can be done to protect the art.  Glazing paintings with glass results in distorting how they are viewed and even non reflective glass will still affect the visual purity of a painting. Glazing or encasing every  work of art on display in museums will be enormously expensive and time consuming.”

He continues: “Building barriers around sculptures won’t prevent determined vandals from jumping over and attacking them.  Hopefully the prison terms being meted out will discourage future destructive acts.”

Bryan has been up close and personal with many of the finest works the art world has to offer. He’s also been hired by some of the richest and most (in)famous celebrities with artworks they need moved or presented.

He’s written a book revealing not only pitfalls and dangers of moving and installing artworks, he’s also been the invisible ‘delivery boy’ nobody pays attention to as they reveal the strangest and darkest corners of the art world.

His book is called ‘’Art Can Kill’ The Art Worlds’ Crooks, Clowns, and Connoisseurs’’. Readers can find it in their local bookstore and by going to Amazon, Barnes and Noble for online ordering, and Vroman’s Bookstore:

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