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BURBANK, CA, USA, November 23, 2022 / — To increase the number of healthy trees in Burbank and its suburbs, Burbank Tree Professionals, has decided to be giving clear tree care guidelines to homeowners after offering any tree care service.

“A recent survey proved that 35% of all trees in Burbank and the suburbs are unhealthy,” said the CEO. “This percentage can be decreased if homeowners were given good ‘do it yourself’ tree care guidelines. Burbank Tree Professionals has therefore decided to start giving these guidelines to homeowners that placed their bookings with the company.”

According to the CEO, after every professional tree care service, the ‘do-it-yourself services are very essential. He also warned homeowners against fake tree care companies to avoid bad tree care guidelines.

“For any professional tree service to be effective,” said the CEO, “the homeowner is required to carry out some practices on his/her own. For instance, after professional tree planting, the tree owner is expected to water the tree. But how much water is she feeding the trees with? This is a guideline that tree care companies are supposed to give to their clients. However, homeowners should avoid the fake tree care professionals to avoid the risk of receiving misleading tree care guidelines.”

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The CEO made it clear that the tree care guidelines will be offered free of charge. He also added that Burbank Tree Professionals had also reduced its overall cost charges.

“The inclusion of tree care guidelines in tree care services does not translate to the client paying extra money,” said the CEO. “The Burbank Tree Professionals will give the guidelines free of charge. Also, to make reducing the percentage of unhealthy trees effective, the company has decided to reduce the service charges by 10%. This will help the company to improve even the trees in a struggling homeowner’s yard.”

The CEO also noted that Burbank Tree Professionals will be making a follow-up on the trees’ progress after any service. He added that clients that share their emails with the company, will have access to important information about trees.

“Apart from giving homeowners the free tree care guidelines,” said the CEO, “Burbank Tree Professionals will also follow up on trees to know how they are fairing after the service. This will be done through the medium of communication the client used to contact the company. However, those that will use the email address or leave their email address on the company website will be on the safer side as the company will be sharing important tree care information with them. These include how to prevent trees from emerging infections, the right time for each tree service, and the right trees to plant in a given location.”
The CEO lastly urged homeowners in Burbank and the suburbs to continue trusting Burbank Tree Professionals with their trees. He also urged those that have never used the company’s services to give it a trial.

“Burbank Tree Professionals enjoy the most working with homeowners in Burbank and the neighboring districts,” said the CEO. “With the addition of free tree care guidelines, the company hopes that the trust that the homeowners have had for the company will continue and become even higher. For the homeowners, who have never used Burbank Tree Professionals, it is high time they give it a trial and see what their trees have been missing.”

Burbank Tree Professionals is at 2128 N Valley St Burbank, CA, 91505. The company can also be contacted at+1 747-281-2972 and

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