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Orange County solar panel installers at REPOWER OC aim to bring commercial businesses into the fold by busting common commercial solar power myths

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2022 / — Eddie McLaughlin, the owner of REPOWER OC, a prominent commercial solar panel installation company, wants businesses to save money.

Solar power and green energy are topics of the day, and McLaughlin aims to lean into how popular solar power is becoming. Especially in Southern California, where he operates his business in the city of Orange.

To prove his dedication to businesses saving money on utilities, he points to a recently published article on REPOWER OC’s Solar Power Blog, titled ‘Myths About Commercial Solar In Orange County’.

In the article, McLaughlin explains that:

“Commercial solar myths are harmful ways to hamper technological progress and prevent business owners from saving money on utilities every year. Commercial solar in Orange County helps businesses reduce power costs, produce their own energy, promote renewable energy, and increase property value.”

Using that as a jumping-off point, McLaughlin lists some of the most prevalent and potentially damaging commercial solar power myths that may hold up progress. And keep business owners from saving thousands of dollars in the long run.

The Cost Of Not Switching To Solar Power In California

The first and most prominent reason people may be slow to adopt solar power is the potential cost. Wherever one looks, the sticker shock is the reason people don’t even pursue installing a solar panel array in their homes or businesses. While prices may be high, depending on a property and location, McLaughlin argues that the rising cost of utilities in the golden state should be much more of a concern.

“The cost of utilities in California is rising. Opting for commercial solar energy is actually a much cheaper, more sound investment than dealing with the status quo. There’s actually never been a better time to install commercial solar panels for a business. With tax incentives, acting right now is likely one of the more prudent financial decisions you can make.”

Indeed, the federal government, in the past few years, has spearheaded efforts to help businesses adopt solar technology with the federal tax credit for solar photovoltaics. McLaughlin argues that with the federal tax credit dwindling in value each passing year and rising costs of electricity, it’s time to act now.

“With electricity rates as high as they are in California, it’s well worth exploring commercial solar panels as a cheaper alternative. If you have energy bills over $200, you could be paying anywhere from $75,000 to $140,000 over 20-30 years.”

This dire statistic is defanged by McLaughlin’s next calculations, based on REPOWER OC’s location.

“A solar panel array will easily give you an ROI within five years. Plus, solar panels have a lifetime of around 25 years. So with regular maintenance, you need not worry about replacing your commercial solar panels. If we were to estimate our savings based on our location, we could easily have $43,000 net savings over 20 years. Add to that an ROI in 5 years with commercial solar. Not to mention a 3% increase in property value.”

McLaughlin addresses business owners that may balk at specific price points, assuring them that there’s always a way to produce sustainable energy. “Remember, there are also various financing options to make payments more manageable.”

Raising Property Value With Solar Power in Orange County

Another solar power myth is that the presence of solar panels on roofs would possibly lower property value. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, says McLaughlin.

In fact, commercial solar power has proven to positively impact property value across the board.

McLaughlin and his team spent a lot of time interviewing various real estate agents from Pittsburg to Portland, trying to see the effects of solar panel arrays on real estate. The answers he and his team received were resoundingly positive.

Even the most miserly business owner could concede, with the help of noted realtors nationwide, that a solar panel system can make the property worth more in the eyes of potential buyers.

“According to a study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), for every $1 reduction in power bills, solar panels increase a property’s value by $20. In short, with the increase in property value, along with saving money on utilities, your commercial solar panels end up paying for themselves.”

Commercial Solar Power With REPOWER OC
Installing a commercial solar panel array and solar power batteries in Orange County has never been easier. McLaughlin and his team recognize that business owners bend over backward to serve their community, and they want everyone to benefit from the cost-saving measures of commercial solar.

The process with REPOWER OC is simple: the solar installers in Orange County survey the property, develop a detailed plan and get to work installing the commercial solar panels.

“Don’t worry; the process isn’t complicated. Experts at REPOWER OC will meet with you to discuss the size and scope of your solar array. Installing solar panels on the roof of a grocery store, office building, or multifamily complex? We go over every detail with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar panels.”

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