Merry Twitchmas Event

Merry Twitchmas Event

Ashleigh Coffelt

Ashleigh Coffelt

Courtney Birk

Courtney Birk

MAGIFILM extends its productions to live events and sponsor CA in LA Launch Merry Twitchmas Live event

We are ecstatic to be putting on a show that magically blends our skillsets of filmmaking and live music. We really wanted to focus on an immersive experience that we’d be excited to attend.”

— Courtney Birk & Ashleigh Coffelt

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, USA, November 18, 2022 / — It is going to be a very Merry Twitchmas indeed.

On top of helping indie filmmakers find their footing, MAGIFILM is also helping sponsor live events. MAGIFILM Productions Inc., is a Victoria-based independent production company that offers services such as script development, marketing and crowdfunding support.

Starting with Merry Twitchmas, a live show on December 11, in the heart of Los Angeles that showcases Twitch music talents such as:

* The Complements
* SashiBOOM
* Megan Lenius
* Carmela
* CA in LA

Created by CA in LA (Courtney & Ashleigh in Los Angeles), they wanted to focus on a dual music and film experience to promote musical acts that are women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

CA in LA have created over 100 films and played thousands of songs together. In addition to touring the world with their work screening in film festivals, their music blends ambient tones with haunting harmonies to create a tragic blend of heartbreak.

Passionate about storytelling and creating unique experiences through film & music, their content explores themes of identity, relationships, and mental health.

Courtney & Ashleigh are proud of their loyal and collaborative community focused on empowering and uplifting one another.

MAGIFILM will be sponsoring the Merry Twitchmas show alongside other sponsors that include:

* FilAm Creative
* IFilmThings
* Twitch Women’s Alliance
* Elgato
* Rosco
* IslAure

Date and time:
Sun, December 11, 2022,
6:00 PM – 11:00 PM PST

1652 North Cherokee Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028
United States

Courtney & Ashleigh
CA in LA
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