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Proposed class action filed in California federal court seeks relief for all consumers who suffered engine failure or other harm due to defective M274 engine

By joining together, individual consumers have a chance to obtain legal remedies for their harm and force companies to fix their dangerous products, making the world safer for other consumers.”

— Ralph B. Kalfayan, attorney at law

DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2022 / — On November 7, 2022, plaintiff Lena Jamil on behalf of herself and others filed a proposed class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of California against Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), alleging the automaker knew about, but failed to disclose, a defect in its M274 engine. According to the complaint filed in Lena Jamil, et al. v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (Case No: 2:22-cv-08130-FLA-AFM), the M274 engine is prone to premature piston failure, often leading to the complete destruction of the engine and requiring an engine replacement. The plaintiffs in the case are being represented by The Kalfayan Law Firm, APC, and The Katriel Law Firm, P.C., serving as co-counsel for the proposed class.

The complaint details the alleged defect encountered by the lawsuit’s named plaintiff. According to court documents, with approximately 95,000 miles on her vehicle, Ms. Jamil began to notice her 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300 shaking and shuddering at highway speed. After pulling onto the highway shoulder, her engine failed to restart, and she had the vehicle towed to an MBUSA dealership. There she was told that the car had suffered a complete piston failure in at least one cylinder and that pieces of the piston had penetrated into the engine and other pistons, resulting in complete engine destruction. The dealer advised Ms. Jamil that the car required an engine replacement that would cost $20,000. Court documents relate that neither MBUSA nor the dealer offered to cover any part of the repairs. At no time before the purchase, during routine operation, or after the repairs were necessary did MBUSA disclose that this defect was known to MBUSA as a result of a defect prevalent in the M274 engine, the complaint alleges.

Subject to amendment, the complaint filed with the court alleges several causes of action against MBUSA, including 1) Violation of California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act Cal. Civ. Code §1750 et seq., 2) Violation of California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act Cal. Civ. Code §1790 et seq., 3) Breach of the Implied Warranty Act under California Commercial Code §2314 et seq., and 4) Violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law Cal Bus. and Professions Code §17200 et seq.

This complaint has been filed as a proposed class action. As Ralph B. Kalfayan of The Kalfayan Law Firm explains, class action lawsuits are appropriate when multiple plaintiffs have suffered the same type of legal injury from the same defendant. “Class actions level the playing field when the “little guy” has to go up against a large corporation like an auto manufacturer,” he says. “By joining together,” Mr. Kalfayan continues, “individual consumers have a chance to not only obtain legal remedies for their harm but also to force companies to fix their dangerous products, making the world safer for other consumers.”

The lawsuit is requesting an unspecified number of damages and other legal remedies to be determined at trial. The Kalfayan Law Firm is currently seeking other persons who might have experienced catastrophic engine failure or other problems related to a defect in their Mercedes-Benz M274 engine. Affected individuals are invited to contact the firm to learn more about their rights and options in this regard.

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