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All Things Hemp wins the best of gift shops.

OAKLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — California’s ONLY Black-owned Hemp store “All Things Hemp”. Kim M owner of All Things Hemp celebrates being one of 5 winners in the “best of”, gift shops. This is also a celebration of the resiliency of the community through the pandemic.

Kim opened the store at the beginning of 2019 before the pandemic. As the only store that specializes in Hemp & CBD, it serves many in the community. Seniors who rely on medicinal CBD to help with pain, anxiety, and sleep problems and all others searching for alternative medicine and eco friendly products. The store has a knowledgeable staff who offer one on one advice for holistic health products as well as education. Something you wont find anywhere.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has been devastating for “All Things Hemp”. The store had to close for seven months when the government shut down businesses, and had to rely on online orders. Daily Kim has searched for funding to help keep the business alive, over 20 times she’s applied for grants. There has been much talk about social equity and helping minority business owners, and Kim is the poster child of social equity yet she has been denied by all. Determined to keep the store alive and provide for her two adopted sons (age 3 & 6) , Kim had to let go of her employees and run nearly all operations on her own, even driving to deliver online orders. She finally opened back up, when allowed, but to only three days a week, because as a single mother thats all the time she has. “I believe in the store concept, and our first year was amazing. Winning “best of” is a testament to how people feel about the store. I’m staying positive with the hopes that one day someone who knows the value of hemp, will lend a hand to help me grow. People are still just learning about the benefits of hemp, and I’m slightly ahead of the times” says Kim.

All Things Hemp specializes in selling All products derived from Industrial hemp (apparel, lotions, snacks, and much much more). “Hemp has a bright future and has been proven as an alternative medicine. Hemp is also sustainable, and can be used to produce more than 25,000 products. Hemp has been used since 150 BC. It’s eco-friendly, Totally Biodegradable, and has numerous medicinal purposes. It’s a super plant” says Kim.

Fun fact: After the 1990’s Chernobyl disaster, Hemp was planted in the contaminated soil, and results show that hemp was able to extract lead, cadmium and nickel from the land contaminated with sewage sludge.

Kim is so thankful for the community who have been working hard to help a Black / Female owned business stay open. Kim says, “Although we are barely making it, and some days I worry I will have to close if things don’t get better, I am still in aw of the support that has kept me alive. It takes a village.”

All Things Hemp strive to be ethical. Every item they purchase, action they take, and interaction they are a part of is influenced by how it will impact the community and the environment around us.

The store welcomes everyone to come by and learn more about the benefits of Hemp, and be amazed by All things that are hemp.

ALL Things Hemp current hours are Wed – Fri 11- 5pm.

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All Things Hemp
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