Cards Cash Rewards is the best way to gift cards

Cards Cash Rewards reloads where gift cards and music meet NFTs as products and solutions that transform the users experiences of businesses and consumers.

Very few projects are converting non-savvy crypto users to NFTs…The Cards Cash Rewards approach to NFTs through gift cards instantly bridges that divide, thereby accelerating adoption.”

— Jeffery Lakes

LOS ANGELES, CA , UNITED STATES, October 19, 2022 / — Consumers today want gift cards in markedly different ways than ever before, and the newly reloaded Cards Cash Rewards is not only set to meet these demands, but also to affirm its mantra as “The Best Way To Gift Cards”.

Originally formed as to launch its signature one-card, multi-merchant gift card around choice shop-local retailers, today, as Cards Cash Rewards (LLC), the company continues in that mission; however, with a more global and equally dynamic customer-centric focus.

Globally speaking, Cards Cash Rewards focuses on for emerging music artists to monetize their creative works as well as crowdfunding campaigns (startups) and brands transitioning into new direct-to-consumer channels. As for consumers, every facet of the company’s reorganization to establish the most customer-centric enterprise in the marketplace.

According to the company’s official website, five key features that affirm Cards Cash Rewards as “The Best Way to Gift Cards” include: (1) consumers getting the gift cards they really want; (2) gift cards included in purchases to set the stage for members’ next purchases; (3) access granted to NFTs that ease user adoption into the crypto space; (4) artfully curating the definitive raving music fans experience; (5) dynamically rewarding “collectors” with amazing user experiences

Each feature activates through RewardShare+, the new, all-in-one solution that powers the new Cards Cash Rewards. First, RewardShare+ replaces eClub as’s primary community hub. As they join, each member receives a “loadable” membership card plus ten free music downloads each month their membership remains active. RewardShare+ membership also grants priority-level access to Cards Cash Rewards themed NFTs that commemorate the company’s journey into “peerless customer-centricity”.

The new Cards Cash Rewards debuts October 19th (2022) when the company’s reloaded website officially goes live. “Ready-to-spend” consumers will come to find great deals on Cards Cash Rewards gift cards as well as products tastefully curated to the user experience they expect. Even more, they will find their way to their new favorite music artists and the amazing experiences they will create for their new “super-fans”. And non-natives to cryptocurrency will find their way into the most efficient way into NFTs, a wildly popular product that many believe will become the ultimate digital collectible.

“Very few projects are converting non-savvy crypto users to NFTs” says Jeffery Lakes, founder of Cards Cash Rewards. He continues: “The Cards Cash Rewards approach to NFTs through gift cards instantly bridges that divide, thereby accelerating adoption”.

For media inquiries and partnership opportunities, call Cards Cash Rewards at 1-888-452-5959 toll-free in the USA.

About Cards Cash Rewards LLC

Cards Cash Rewards is a new media focused e-commerce enterprise that develops gift cards into dynamic consumer products and game-changing merchant solutions. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Cards Cash Rewards operates, which partners with music artists; crowdfunding campaigns; and small retailers to deliver world-class user experiences to consumers everywhere commerce happens.

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