USIndoor Sports Association Annual Conference

USISA Annual Conference’s utilization of CloudContactAI’s SMS Platform

The USIndoor Sports Association (USISA) is thrilled to announce the successful implementation of SMS marketing strategies.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2023/ — The 23rd Annual Conference, held from May 17th – May 19th, brought together sports industry professionals, enthusiasts, stakeholders executives, owners, managers, exhibitors, and attendees from across the country. USISA aimed to maximize attendee engagement and ensure a memorable experience for all participants.

To achieve this, US International Studies Association collaborated with leading SMS marketing provider, CloudContactAI to design and execute an innovative mobile marketing campaign. The USISA Annual Conference‘s utilization of CloudContactAI’s SMS Platform was a smashing success. The USISA did a great job of keeping everyone informed at every stage of the conference, from the initial reminders through the daily lessons and sessions to the social events and the final thank you letter. By harnessing the ubiquity of SMS, USISA delivered timely and personalized messages directly to attendees’ mobile devices, enabling real-time communication and fostering a sense of community throughout the event. USISA used a wide variety of keywords to target its campaigns to different groups within the convention’s audience, such as executives, managers, vendors, and ordinary attendees. These keywords were made active when participants texted their unique keyword to a specially selected phone number by CloudContactAI. In response to receiving the keywords, the recipient’s phone number is added to a special contact list and they begin receiving reminders, invites, etc. by text message. During the course of the conference, the USIndoor Sports Association used campaign scheduling, which eliminated the need for USISA staff members to manually send thousands of SMS or emails. Text message campaigns that were pre-scheduled were curated with specific templates and customised for each receiver.

UsIndoor Sports Association Membership Director Chuck Stollery quoted- “They were really impressed with the results of using CloudContactAI for our 23rd Annual Conference. They were able to communicate effectively with attendees throughout the entire conference, and they were able to stay-up-to-date on the latest conference information in real time. They received positive feedback from attendees about the use of CCAI, and plan to use it again for future events.”

**The SMS marketing campaign focused on the following key areas**

Personalized Event Updates: USISA utilized SMS messaging to provide attendees with important event updates, such as session schedules, keynote speaker announcements, and venue changes. By keeping participants well-informed, USISA ensured a seamless conference experience and reduced confusion or missed opportunities.

Interactive Surveys and Polls: SMS surveys and polls were conducted during various conference sessions to gather instant feedback from attendees. This allowed USISA to gauge the audience’s satisfaction levels, preferences, and suggestions in real time. Participants appreciated the opportunity to voice their opinions effortlessly, contributing to a more engaging and tailored event.

Networking Opportunities: USISA integrated SMS networking features into the conference experience, allowing attendees to connect with each other effortlessly. Through a dedicated SMS platform, participants could exchange contact information, schedule meetings, and expand their professional networks during the event.

Contest and Gamification: SMS marketing enabled USISA to create interactive contests and gamification elements throughout the conference. Attendees could participate in quizzes, challenges, and raffles, enhancing their overall engagement and fostering a sense of excitement and competition.

**The results of USISA’s SMS marketing campaign were overwhelmingly positive**

• Increased Attendee Engagement: Attendees actively participated in surveys, contests, and networking activities, leading to higher engagement levels compared to previous conferences. The personalized nature of SMS communication contributed to a sense of connection and involvement among participants.

• Enhanced Attendee Satisfaction: Attendee feedback indicated high levels of satisfaction with the event experience. The real-time updates, interactive surveys, and seamless networking opportunities all contributed to an exceptional conference experience.

• Improved Event Communication: SMS marketing proved to be an efficient and reliable method of communication, with messages reaching attendees instantly. This resulted in reduced information gaps, increased responsiveness, and better overall event logistics.

The success of the SMS marketing campaign at the USISA Annual Conference underscores the power of mobile communication in enhancing attendee engagement and optimizing event experiences. USISA is committed to continuing its adoption of innovative strategies to elevate its future events and provide unparalleled value to its members.

**About USIndoor Sports Association (USISA)**

The United States Indoor Sports Association (USISA) was established in 1998 with the mission of promoting the interests of its diversified membership, which is mostly made up of multi-sport facilities, startups, and the providers that serve them. The United States and Canada are just two of the countries represented by USISA’s approximately 200 locations, 20 providers, and more than 2,000 total members. The USIndoor Sports Association is a leading organization dedicated to advancing and promoting indoor sports across the United States. USISA provides education, resources, and networking opportunities to sports professionals, facility owners, and enthusiasts, fostering growth and excellence in the industry.

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