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CEOCFO and Fortuna Business Management Consulting CEO, Jack Smith discuss Helping Corporations Connect with and Hire Veterans Post Military

When we hire and support veterans, we’re also supporting women, minorities, and other diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) categories because veterans encompass such a diverse group of people.”

— Jack Smith

MCCLELLAN, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2023 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Jack Smith, CEO of McClellan, CA-based Fortuna Business Management Consulting Inc., a veteran owned business management consulting firm providing call center support, staff augmentation, information security, project management, enterprise resource planning and IT consulting.

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During the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse, addressing the idea behind Fortuna Business Management Consulting, Mr. Smith said, “I initially founded Fortuna as a consultant with the aim of telling people what they needed to hear instead of what they wanted to hear in order to help them improve. Having worked as a PMO (Project Management Office) director, I noticed how people would often avoid making the best technical decisions by simply telling their customers and business partners what they wanted to hear. This was the impetus for Fortuna, as I wanted to help people by providing honest and valuable advice. I had previously worked with a few consultant companies that did not prioritize the business development side of their employees, and I made sure that Fortuna would value both sides equally.”

Mr. Smith continued, “After becoming certified as a Veteran-Owned Business, I realized how challenging the transition out of military service was for many veterans. Personally, military service is deeply important to me, as my family has a long history of serving dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. With three generations of Jack Smiths having served, taking care of soldiers became a cornerstone of our business. Our certifications have helped us to assist our clients in solving problems at scale while also providing us with an opportunity to give back to the veteran community. We aim to help clients hire veterans and connect veterans with high-quality job opportunities post-military transition.”

Describing their approach, Mr. Smith said, “Our approach is just one of the reasons why companies call us. We’re also known for our veteran placement services, which allow companies to hire veterans quickly and easily. Our partnerships and relationships with the military transfer across the globe to anywhere there is a military installation, so we can help increase veteran hiring exponentially. We tell our customers that if they want to hire veterans tomorrow to call us today.”

On the reason behind their growth, Mr. Smith shared, “Additionally, we are one of the leading on-demand, team-building organizations for DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and we can do so at scale. In fact, we’ve hired as many as 300 people in a single weekend. We were one of the fastest-growing veteran businesses in America last year, and we’re excited to continue solving scale problems for others.”

Explaining why they put an emphasis on educating veterans on how to present themselves to corporations, Mr. Smith told Lynn, “Much of our work involves educating veterans on how to effectively present themselves to communities and corporations, as it can be challenging to teach non-veterans how to understand and communicate with veterans. Instead of placing the burden on these groups, we believe that it’s more impactful to teach veterans how to value themselves and tell their stories more effectively, which is why we partner with veterans to provide this education.”

When asked about their approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), Mr. Smith offered, “At Fortuna, we work with many different industries, but our primary focus is on taking care of veterans. One of the most amazing things about veterans is that they come from all walks of life. When we hire and support veterans, we’re also supporting women, minorities, and other diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) categories because veterans encompass such a diverse group of people. This allows us to create a safe space where everyone feels welcome and valued.”

As for what sets Fortuna Business Management Consulting apart, Mr. Smith offered, “I think what sets us apart is our human-centered approach. It’s hard to quantify in dollars and cents, but every time we’ve faced difficult financial situations, everyone has been willing to take pay cuts across the board instead of cutting jobs. They understand that it’s better to stick together and keep fighting when things get tough. There’s good news and bad news on a daily basis, but when your team is united, it’s one unit. It all comes from our mission, which is right there upfront.”

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