The company performs payroll and human resource functions for clients enabling them to direct focus on core competencies.

CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2022 / — Champion Employer Services, a reputable human resource company, has announced plans to help small and mid-sized businesses manage payroll and human resource practices with their personalized services. The company has been providing alternative solutions to the ‘cookie cutter’ services offered by the big box payroll and HR providers that often do not fill the real needs of small businesses. With this announcement, it aims to extend its services to more businesses and relieve them of their HR compliance headaches.

Human resource management, an integral part of running an organization can be a time crushing and resource consuming function. Only a few organizations have the capacity and expertise to perform human resource management efficiently and accurately. Champion Employer Services relieves small businesses from dedicating time and resources on these critical functions they attempt to perform with only negligeable success. Champion optimizes a company’s human resource management by performing a range of services including controlling labor costs and non-productive activities, reducing employer liability, engaging employee performance, and allowing the business to run as the owner originally planned.

Similarly, payroll management is critical to government compliance, and more complex today with ever changing overtime rules, mandatory sick leave policies, minimum wage changes and paid time off policies. This places a large burden of compliance on smaller organizations that may be in the dark about their compliance obligations. These all require accurate tracking, recording and maintenance of payroll records, attendance, and leaves of absence to remain compliant with labor laws. Champion Employer Services provides technology and a dedicated HR services team that allows businesses to transition to online payroll management, maintain and deliver reports, calculate and record time-off accruals, and track and maintain time and attendance records.

Having a personnel partner like Champion Employer Services enables companies to focus on their core business and direct all of their human capital resources on strategic activities for growth and profitability.

During the announcement, the company’s director said, “Champion Employer Services is committed to your success. Our team approach creates a partnership that is focused on one goal – to help you achieve your business goals. When you partner with Champion, our team of experts becomes your team. Our goal has always been to free business owners to do what they do best by removing all the challenges and complexities of employee administration, allowing them to focus on the engines that make their businesses run most profitably. We are real people to support you when you need us in real time. That’s our product and that’s our promise.”

About Champion Employer Services:
Champion Employer Services is a human resource company that provides services to small to medium sized businesses. Founded in 2000 by small business owners with a real world understanding of challenges associated with operating a business and managing employees. Champion provides alternative solutions to the generic, off-the-shelf “one size fits all” packages offered by the big box payroll and HR providers most accountable to Wall Street. Champion Employer Services is dedicated to the prosperity of small businesses on Main Street.

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