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there’s nothing we can do with our situation but live it . . . so if living our situation [on television] can help one other person, then we have done our job.”

— Jayden Browndorf

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 15, 2022 / — House of Browndorf, Inc today announced the addition of Charlie Weber as its new CEO and Chairman of the Board. Charlie Weber is the former CEO of LucasFilms and joined House of Browndorf in August 2022 to support the company as an emerging film, music and television studio located in Fashion Island, Newport Beach and its launching of two new network television shows this year.

“Real Talk – Newport Beach” is a heart centered talk show format show using humor and real-life trauma such as the very real-life stories being currently suffered by the Browndorf Family and most importantly, Matthew Browndorf, and his family involving his current marital separation and civil and criminal legal issues and complaints. Celebrity guests come on the show and share their trauma stories to help the viewing audience in handling mental health issues with a raw, real-life experience and reality format. It is the production intent to broaden the topics to include mental health issues such as teen suicide, addiction, PTSD, personality disorders and how to cope in todays multifaceted electronic world where information travels at the speed of light.

“House of Browndorf” is a network reality television show that focused on the filming of Real Talk – Newport Beach and the way the celebrities interacted with the Browndorf family during the filming but will only air once a week as opposed to every morning and will extend in filming well beyond the initial 72-episode filming syndication of Real Talk.

The Company has yet to reveal its initial celebrity line up, but the social media campaign in Instagram surrounding the shows are as raw and real as can be and it sparks a reality format around mental health issues at a time when televisions’ most coveted leaders such as Oprah, Ellen, Dr. Phil and others in the space are leaving or gone and new leadership is entering the space such as Selena Gomez’s new series on Apple Television titled “My Mind and Me” after she raised $100,000,000 for her mission.

Charlie expects to bring his talents in growing LucasFilms to one of the largest companies in the world to House of Browndorf and is excited to see the growth of the new television shows and watch the entire Browndorf Family and their support network work through their own family trauma while trying to help others in the process. As Jayden Browndorf put it, “there’s nothing we can do with our situation but live it . . . so if living our situation [on television] can help one other person, then we have done our job.”

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