Chengdu Metropolitan Area Global Investment Promotion Conference

Chengdu Metropolitan Area Global Investment Promotion Conference held in Shanghai

FONRANA, CA, US, February 14, 2023 / — Invest in Sichuan: Chengdu Metropolitan Area Global Investment Promotion Conference was held in Shanghai on February 14. With the theme of “Urban Integration Boosts Coordinated Development, Metropolitan Area Makes the Future”, it attracted more than 180 leading enterprises and business associations at home and abroad, with a total of more than 230 participants. Foreign companies including Volvo, BP, Allianz Holdings, DuPont Group, Tyco Electronics and 3M, accounted for 42% of the total, and there were 31 Fortune 500 companies.

Shanghai was chosen as the first stop because of the prominent international influence of its metropolitan area. It helps domestic and foreign enterprises to know about Sichuan and thus invest in Chengdu metropolitan area. The first stop was a total success. 25 projects were signed, covering 6 dominant industrial fields of Sichuan such as equipment manufacturing, advanced materials, energy and chemical industry, medicine and health, presenting the characteristics of “new, competitive, large-scale, high-quality, high-grade, precise, advanced and exclusive”. The average investment amount of the projects exceeded 2.5 billion yuan, of which manufacturing projects accounted for more than 60%. It not only showed Sichuan’s firm confidence in developing the manufacturing industry with open arms for business from all over the world, but also showed Sichuan’s strong determination to promote high-quality development and adhere to high-level opening.

The conference attracted attention from all over the world, functioning as a great chance which offered an all-round view of Chengdu metropolitan area with unlimited opportunities.

Firstly, it is highly positioned, extensive and populous. Chengdu metropolitan area is the third metropolitan area approved in China, and the first in Central and Western China. It’s also Sichuan’s economy core area. To accelerate the construction of Chengdu modern metropolitan area with national influence will provide strong support for Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle to build an important growth pole and a new power source, which help with the high-quality development in China. The metropolitan area covers 4 entire cities: Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan and Ziyang, with a total area of 33,100 square kilometers and a resident population of about 30 million in 2022.

Secondly, it has a long history, rich heritage and abundant resources. Chengdu metropolitan area is the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization, with Sanxingdui and Jinsha cultures that share the same root. It also owns world-famous cultural relics such as Wuhou Temple, Sansu Temple and Anyue Stone Carvings, and World Natural and Cultural Heritages such as the Qingcheng Mountain – Dujiangyan and Giant Panda Habitat. It’s also known for intangible cultural heritages like Sichuan Opera, Shu Embroidery and New Year Paintings which have been passed down for thousands of years. The two World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites have laid a solid foundation for the integrated development of cultural tourism in Sichuan, and have won a head start in the development of investment in the cultural tourism industry.

Thirdly, it has impressive industry, driving force and achievements. Chengdu metropolitan area covers six major industries with advantages in Sichuan. The construction of the Chengdu-Deyang port economic industrial zone, the Chengdu-Meishan high-tech industrial zone and the Chengdu-Ziyang airport economic industrial zone is progressing steadily, with world-class industrial clusters taking shape at an accelerated pace. Also, the construction of international portal hub and three-dimensional transportation system of the metropolitan area is being upgraded. All have made it the first choice for domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in Sichuan. In 2022, its total economic volume achieved 2.62 trillion yuan, accounting for 46.2% of Sichuan Province, with leading economic strength in the midwest. At the same time, it has precise and powerful support in policy. A series of supportive policies have been intensively introduced, especially in taxation, finance, electricity and capital incentives, which are of great concern to many enterprises. Now, more than 300 Fortune 500 companies have invested in and set up businesses in Chengdu metropolitan area, and the number of consulates has increased to 23.

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