Partnership accelerates CloudWerx AI offerings with new generative AI-powered experiences from Google.

In collaboration with Google Cloud, we offer comprehensive support to our clients in reevaluating their organizational structure from a holistic perspective.”

— Sidhant Gupta

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 22, 2023/ — CloudWerx today announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to develop new generative AI services offerings. The partnership will accelerate CloudWerx’ generative AI strategy, bringing new AI-powered solutions and experiences to clients.

Google Cloud is a leading provider of cloud computing services, and its AI infrastructure is one of the most advanced in the world. CloudWerx is helping clients stay ahead of the curve and utilize groundbreaking tools to improve their business processes.

Actively engaged in assisting clients in harnessing the power of generative AI through real-world applications – CloudWerx is developing numerous new industry-specific use cases. CloudWerx leverages GenAI in marketing to empower clients in creating bespoke and individualized content, including blog articles, social media posts, and product descriptions. By generating countless distinct content pieces in a fraction of the time it would require for a human, these solutions enhance efficiency on a large scale while preserving a personalized approach. In Customer Service, CloudWerx implements GenAI to bolster customer satisfaction by leveraging chatbots and virtual assistants; automating service channels to offer 24/7 support in a cost-effective manner. CloudWerx uses GenAI to revolutionize the field of security by utilizing advanced simulations to proactively anticipate and manage risks, detect anomalies, and prevent fraudulent activities. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, CloudWerx helps organizations save costs through effective risk mitigation strategies. Their expertise extends to collaborating with customers in all fields – crafting innovative customer experiences and supporting consumer product companies in reimagining their business strategies. With their strong engineering capabilities, they can tailor the model according to each customer’s unique use cases.

“In collaboration with Google Cloud, we offer comprehensive support to our clients in reevaluating their organizational structure from a holistic perspective.” says Sidhant Gupta, CTO at CloudWerx. “This entails examining the evolution of their operating model and identifying the required applications for their operations. Our objective is to facilitate the smooth adoption of this technology while ensuring uninterrupted business operations through efficient transition management.”

“By leveraging the power of Google Cloud’s generative AI technology – including quick drag-n-drop iterative development using Vertex AI, Generative AI Studio, and Generative AI App Builder, our clients can gain a competitive edge by automating tasks, improving decision-making, and increasing customer satisfaction. We are committed to helping our clients succeed in the digital age, and we believe that AI/ML is a key enabler of this transformation,” said Gupta.

“We’re proud to share that CloudWerx is tapping Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities,” said Jim Anderson, Vice President, NA Partner Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud. “Organizations across industries can accelerate their generative AI development, augmenting both internal and external workflows.”

In their new Generative AI Workshop, CloudWerx is empowering customers to leverage the capabilities of AI and foundation models, enabling them to enhance productivity and foster business innovation. Their team of seasoned experts provides guidance on navigating the vast landscape of Google Cloud’s Generative AI. In this complimentary 2 hour workshop, customers will explore, conceptualize, and prioritize use cases that drive sustainable growth for business.

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