Rapid development scrum teams cost effectively increase Salesforce engineering velocity

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, November 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CodeScience, a technology consulting firm with deep expertise in product development across the Salesforce ecosystem, is rolling out new services to close the growing gap in tech budgets and Salesforce engineering expertise. CodeScience’s new services augment organizations’ technical performance and productivity with their experienced rapid development scrum teams.

CodeScience’s expert, ready-to-deploy teams eliminate 50% of enterprises’ Salesforce product engineering spending. With over 15 years of experience building on force.com, they’ve developed processes and tools that drive down costs and increase speed without sacrificing quality.

“It’s a challenging environment for tech leaders right now. Many are experiencing budget cuts or reduced headcount but are still expected to deliver the same results on the same timeline. Our on-demand development teams help fill the gaps and keep projects on time and on budget,” shared CodeScience CEO Michael Utell.

CodeScience works with internal engineering teams, adding capacity and sharing expertise to deliver results that fully integrate with existing solutions and processes. This seamless integration speeds up development without disrupting team flow and collaboration— CodeScience becomes an extension of the team, not a replacement.

CodeScience’s technical architects evaluate each potential engagement to ensure the right fit between teams and engineering models. Enterprises interested in discovering if their engineering model is a candidate for CodeScience’s post-deployment services can set up a short consultation at the NY World Tour or via Zoom here.

About CodeScience
Founded in 2008, CodeScience is a technology consulting firm with deep expertise in product development across the Salesforce ecosystem, partnering with organizations to design and build innovative business solutions. CodeScience specializes in solving complex problems to create scalable, future-proof applications that drive transformational experiences for teams, partners, and customers. With services that include Enterprise Salesforce Solutions, AppExchange Product Development (PDO), and Scrum Teams on Demand, the company has built over 400 top-performing Salesforce solutions for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Salesforce Ecosystem. For more information on CodeScience’s suite of services, visit codescience.com.

Dawn McGreevey