Choosing a charity can be overwhelming with 1.7 Million nationwide charities to choose from – this quiz will help people discover their personal guide to giving

We want to inspire the spirit of giving. With the Generosity Quiz, the quiz taker can see the impact of small dollar donations and discover ways to get involved that match their interests”

— Leena Gupta, Co-founder of Coin Up

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2022 / — Gen Z and Millennials are poised to be the leading force in charitable giving. Already, 84% of millennials give to charity, and as they age and increase their wealth, they will surpass Baby Boomers and Gen Xers in terms of dollars donated. These emerging philanthropists are also powerful societal changemakers, passionate about supporting issues they care about. They want to learn where they can make an impact that matters to them. Coin Up, a mobile app platform where donors can give effortlessly and securely to their favorite charitable cause, has developed an interactive “Generosity Quiz” to do just that. It is a fun personality type quiz that takes about 2 minutes to reveal the quiz taker’s giving style, whether they prefer monthly recurring, or one-time donations. The Coin Up initiative, supported by a grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in-kind support from IDEO, will help people determine how they can be part of the change they want to see in the world. Anyone can take the Generosity Quiz to discover their generosity personality and learn about causes that resonate with them. (Quiz link:

“We know millennials have passion and a desire to give, but often these budding philanthropists are overwhelmed by options, unsure if their contribution will make an impact, and not sure of how and where to donate,” says Leena Gupta, Co-Founder of Coin Up. “We want to inspire the spirit of giving. With the Generosity Quiz, the quiz taker can see the impact of small dollar donations and discover ways to get involved that match their interests and lifestyle.”

Quiz takers will also learn ways to turn their passion into action by answering questions about what motivates their acts of kindness, what they see as the world’s most urgent issues, and more. Based on their answers, quiz takers are provided a Generosity “Persona”, which helps define how their unique traits can create positive social impact. The quiz results will also prompt them to donate, volunteer, become an advocate, or express their generosity in a way that fits their personal style. With Coin Up, users register their credit or debit card and round up their spare change on every transaction until they reach their monthly goal. This “spare change” is then sent to their charity of choice each month, offering an effortless and direct connection to their giving. Coin Up also allows donors to make one-time or fixed monthly donations to their favorite charity, choosing from any of the public 501c3 US charities registered with the IRS.

Leena Gupta, Co-founder of Coin Up, is a successful serial entrepreneur who breaks down barriers and makes real change with her visionary solutions for charitable giving. In 2015, the MIT/Sloan Business School graduate decided to dedicate her expertise with the nonprofit and financial sectors to democratize giving. She and her team created the first “round up and donate” app that allows users to directly connect with their giving by choosing their cause and directly receiving credit for all their donations. Through Coin Up, users can see their “small change add up to BIG change” for a charity they are passionate about. Find out more at


Coin Up is the donation app that makes charitable giving an effortless part of everyday transactions. Users select their favorite charity and link their credit or debit card to “round up and donate” the change from each purchase to a cause they care about. Donors maintain control by setting a monthly limit or opting for a fixed monthly donation. Coin Up rewards donors of all levels with tax donation receipts, personal thank you’s, and social media posts to share the impact they create. Coin Up’s mission is to harness the power of collective giving to create positive change in the world. For more information, visit @icoinup

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