VIP Dinners and Evoke NFT Awards

EVOKE Las Vegas Mega Millionaire Mixers

Craig Shelly Sponsors PGA tournament for the benefit of Shriners Hospitals for Children

Visit us at our PGA Hospitality suite October 6-9, 2022

EVOKE NFT Awards Night for the benefit of the Shriners Hospitals for Children

EVOKE NFT Awards Presentation

CRAIG SHELLY, EVOKE NFT Awards, ELEVATE Summit & Mastermind and LEGION proudly sponsor PGA for benefit of the Shriners Hospital for Children and other charities

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”

— Craig Shah

CERRITOS, CA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2022 / — Craig Shelly Beverly Hills partners up with EVOKE NFT Awards and ELEVATE mastermind to launch the LEGACY Swiss Watch to commemorate 100 year anniversary of The Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Craig Shelly Open Invitations To the PGA Tournament Las Vegas

Craig Shelly Beverly Hills partners up with EVOKE NFT Awards and ELEVATE mastermind announces the Mega Millionaire NFT Mixers from October 5-9, 2022 in Las Vegas for the benefit of The Shriners Hospitals for Children

Craig Shelly, EVOKE and ELEVATE Partners are proud to announce the launch of LEGION, LEGACY and MILLIONAIRE collection of Swiss watches with NFTs to commemorate 100 year anniversary of The Shriners Hospitals for Children. Designer & Founder Craig shah pledges a good portion of the proceeds from these collection in support of building Shriners hospitals for children. Through their give back program, the group has helped thousands in the past and continue to support communities in need. Craig shah says, “we have an open door policy for all charitable organizations that are out there legitimately helping children hospitals and veterans, they have our support. PGA is just another reason for our members and clients to get together, mastermind have fun and give back”

We will be hosting series of meetings, dinners and events during the PGA tournament from October 5-9, 2022 in Las Vegas. There will be inner circle dinners on 5th and 6th hosted by and Both incredibly promising startups, completely revolutionizing and disrupting their individual industries (both backed by Craig Shah). On Friday night, October 7th, we will be hosting EVOKE NFT Awards at the TAO restaurant and club. This event will be followed by LEGION NFT Reveal party on October 8th and a crypto dinner on October 9th.

While the Inner Circle Dinners are by invitation only, the EVOKE NFT Awards on October 7th at the TAO will be open to general public with a purchase of a ticket:

NFT holders can submit their NFTs for consideration to EVOKE committee via email Follow the steps and 3 winners will be chosen, one in each category: Best Theme, Best Design & Best Creativity. Each winner shall receive a beautiful LEGACY watch valued at $3000 by Craig Shelly and a brand development and mastermind package valued at $25,000 by EVOKE and Elevate

Steps for submission:

1. Email link to your NFT to
2. Explain your theme, story and inspiration of design in approximately 50 words
3. One entry per artist
4. Name Number and Email

PGA Golf Tournament Sponsorship proceeds from the tournament will benefit Shriners Hospital For Children and other charitable organizations worldwide. The tournament is both a charity event and Mastermind for professionals of all kinds to create high-powered networks.

Evoke and Elevate are startups to well established companies in Health and Wellness industry such as Handl Health, PlugXr, ScarlettBooks, Hello Woofy, amongst others.

Craig Shah, CEO of Craig Shelly Global comments, “Whether you’re launching your first startup or you’re a serial entrepreneur, you’ll find the people
you need at the Elevate Summit camp & Golf Tournament. Never underestimate the power of meeting the right person at the right time. It will change everything for you, and open more doors than you ever thought possible.”

“People and purpose before profit – that’s the pillar of Craig Shelly’s mission statement. But we also believe in enjoying life to the fullest and thats the idea behind sponsoring the PGA Tournament”

“Heartfelt service is the key that unlocks the door to real wealth and profitable partnerships. And becoming the best version of yourself while inspiring others along the way is truly the highest service you can offer. This event is an opportunity to do some good in the world while having fun and making life-changing connections at the same time”

“Coming out of the Pandemic, this three day event is power packed with a message of Hope and Love, Strength and Empowerment, Honor and Pride! From Flag Hoisting and Honoring our Troops and Veterans or simply having fun at the PGA Golf outing, there are elements that will bring excitement back into our lives and allow us to appreciate life! Entrepreneurs from all walks of life will be participating in various activities including masterminding on how to jump start the economy and provide solutions to the problems we face in this new era of highly undefined and volatile situation that we are in”

Celebrity designer of fine jewelry and Swiss watches, Craig Shah known for his unique and creative fashion concepts. Lifelong entrepreneurs, an avid investors and active board members of some of the most prestigious companies in the US & Europe. Craig Shelly also partners with charitable organizations worldwide, living by the motto: our fav slogan: Purpose Before Profit.

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