Barry Angeline

Barry Angeline,
an expert in Performance Improvement Initiatives, offers tips on how SMEs can improve
their performance to survive, succeed and grow.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2022 / — With so much competition in the current market, businesses face numerous challenges and must find strategies to stand out from the competition to survive. This is especially so for small and medium-sized enterprises, which may be grappling with poor infrastructure, poor management of resources, and inadequate support. Barry Angeline, an expert in Performance Improvement Initiatives, offers tips on how SMEs can improve their performance to survive, succeed and grow.

Angeline advises that companies must analyze their performance metrics regularly to find out where the gaps lie. This analysis can help businesses better grasp why their companies aren’t achieving goals or performing to their potential. This should then be followed by maintaining a realistic perspective when setting goals for the business and managing these expectations. The company should then create clear guidelines with its directions, provide specific objectives, and design benchmarks that will be used to measure the success of the business.

Since employees are the main stakeholders in a business, Angeline proposes that entrepreneurs must establish positive employee-manager relations through their performance management practices. This can be done by developing a culture of open communication by creating a safe space for employees to convey personal needs. Managers and executives need to keep the lines of communication open by building feedback moments into regular performance reviews and team meetings. Also, coach supervisors on how to solicit feedback and make employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns. Investing in employees is also an excellent way to improve relationships and productivity, improving performance. A positive work environment can improve employees’ job satisfaction, retention, quality of life, and productivity, resulting in enhanced economic stability within businesses.

Angeline advises businesses to assess the risks they could face before assigning solutions. Businesses face numerous risks that can impact their operations and performance. The business environment is fraught with industry-specific risks, while others may be related to external factors such as the prevailing economic climate or unrest. Assessing these risks is vital for better performance. Angeline proposes several strategies, including identifying the risk, then coming up with mitigation strategies. This might involve taking out insurance policies, diversifying the business, or stockpiling essential supplies. Companies can protect themselves from potentially devastating losses by assessing risks and implementing appropriate mitigation measures.

He also said that in the current digital era, one of the proven ways for businesses to improve their performance is by adapting and utilizing technology. Statistics have shown a dramatic shift in how business is conducted, with eCommerce accounting for over 50% of purchases. However, small firms remain less digitalized than medium-sized firms—and medium-size firms are less than large firms. This is because of challenges in scaling digital solutions to accommodate smaller businesses and financial difficulties. He advises firms to find online platforms that can support their businesses and engage their clients online. This will grow their customer base and generate enough revenue for the companies to grow.

Barry Angeline is an established performance improvement consultant with years of experience in the field and the founder and CEO of Cyberricade. He has invested years into his career, making him one of the key industry players in his sector. He is well-educated and received his credentials from well-renowned institutions. He is well educated and holds a BS in Polymer Science and Engineering with a major in chemical engineering, followed by an MS in Polymer Science and Engineering. He was then awarded an MBA with Distinction from Manchester Business School. He also holds credentials in International Marketing from the International University of Japan.

Due to his vast experience in his field has received some of the most prestigious awards in his industry. They include the ASA(ALT) Lean Six Sigma Excellence AWARD for the PM SPE project. He also holds a Management Excellence Award from Multiple Stock Option Grants and Management Awards and Summit Award from Multiple Stock Option Grants. He also has two patents under his name, Aqueous Silane Coupling Agent Solution for Use as a Sealant Primer, awarded in 1994, and a Cyber Security patent, granted in 2016. He also has numerous professional papers under his name. His contributions will be highly resourceful for SMEs looking to improve their performance based on his qualifications.

Cyberricade firm offers consultation services to a range of clients. Some of the firm’s services have included being a Principal consultant leading process re-engineering initiatives at the US Marine Corps. This position entailed developing tailored training material for the USMC Business Enterprise Office and Mentoring 10 Blackbelts and 15 Greenbelts towards Lean Six Sigma certification. He was also a Principal consultant at the Office of Administration, Executive Office of the President, leading ITIL-based Service Management processes and metrics design for the Office of the CIO.

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