Cyntexa and iContact Partnership

Cyntexa and iContact join forces, sparking a revolutionary transformation in the Salesforce ecosystem, reshaping the very essence of email marketing triumph.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2023/ — Cyntexa, a renowned Salesforce consulting company, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with iContact, a powerful email marketing platform fully integrated with Salesforce. This exciting collaboration aims to revolutionize email marketing for businesses, equipping them with advanced tools to enhance customer engagement, drive better results, and achieve unprecedented success.

With native integration with Salesforce mass email, Cyntexa brings the power of iContact directly to businesses’ fingertips. By utilizing iContact’s user-friendly platform, companies can start sending better emails without learning new software.

In Salesforce’s Lightning Edition, iContact offers a seamless experience, providing businesses with easy-to-use tools directly within the Salesforce application. This integration enables users to design stunning emails, send personalized messages, and track performance with real-time reporting—all without leaving Salesforce.

“The partnership with iContact reinforces our commitment to deliver innovative solutions that drive success for our clients,” said Tanushri Goyal, Head of Growth & Strategy at Cyntexa.

“With the unparalleled functionality of iContact, our dedicated team is poised to deliver exceptional results, elevating clients’ marketing activities to new heights. Together, we will create impactful and personalized email campaigns that drive exponential growth and resounding success for businesses”, she continued.

Cyntexa is poised to transform businesses by harnessing the exceptional capabilities of iContact to drive remarkable conversions and deliver tangible outcomes. Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, iContact empowers businesses to effortlessly create, send, and track highly targeted emails within a unified platform.

With customized campaigns and segmented audiences, businesses can engage their target market effectively, ensuring enhanced conversion rates and heightened customer satisfaction.

Moreover, content management becomes streamlined as iContact templates are seamlessly stored within Salesforce, enabling efficient access and streamlined management. The seamless integration of leads and contacts further empowers businesses to connect with their audience effortlessly, unlocking desired outcomes and maximizing overall success.

Cyntexa, driven by a passion for empowering businesses, combines its expertise in Salesforce services with the renowned capabilities of iContact. With a passionate team of experts, their goal is to help businesses achieve their dreams and reach new heights of growth.

Whether starting from scratch or aiming to scale up, Cyntexa offers the solutions and knowledge you need to thrive.

Experience the future of marketing success with Cyntexa and iContact. Embrace it today!

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