Cuauhtémoc: Descendant of the Jaguar

Unravels the secrets of its supernatural powers and confronts powerful foes.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — Step into a world of magic and adventure with “Cuauhtémoc: Descendant of the Jaguar,” the third installment in D L Davies’ thrilling fantasy series set in 16th century South America. Readers will be transported to a universe where mythology and legend reign supreme; and where Cuauhtémoc, the teenage emperor of Maya, discovers the secrets of his ancestry and supernatural powers.

Join Cuauhtémoc on his journey as he rises to become the Greatest Mayan and Chief Jaguar Priest, facing powerful enemies and overcoming impossible challenges along the way. Davies’ wonderful storytelling will captivate readers as they are introduced to a colorful cast of characters and a world unlike any other.

Don’t forget to mark April 22 and 23 on your schedule and attend the eagerly awaited 2023 LA Times Festival of Books to learn more about D. L. Davies and his novel “Cuauhtémoc: Descendant of the Jaguar” The book will be on display at the show in the Olympus Story House booth #034. Hope to see you there!

D L Davies is a writer who knows how to craft a gripping tale. He has lived a life filled with adventure from his time in the army to his travels around Europe. But it is his love of storytelling that truly sets him apart. Follow Cuauhtémoc on his quest, and discover the magic of Davies’ imagination. Get a copy of “Cuauhtémoc: Descendant of the Jaguar” on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other digital book stores worldwide. Visit Davies’ website at or grab the opportunity to go to the highly anticipated festival, LA TIMES Festival of Books to learn more.

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