Line chart of the performance of DAIM'S model portfolio vs GBTC vs Bitcoin only. The chart goes from 2018-2022 and DAIM is the best performer

DAIM’s model portfolio has outperformed the competition since its inception

Through November new clients are eligible for a $100 off their first year’s advisory fee.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, October 4, 2022 / — Leading digital asset investment manager DAIM is looking to help retail investors position themselves for the future despite the public’s dim outlook. They are offering new clients a $100 fee credit on investment management services for a limited time through November. Founder Bryan Courchesne understands the cognitive effect that a bear market can have on investors but thinks that now is the best time to put money to work. “Nobody likes to lose money and when markets are going down, sentiment is that they will keep going down. But nothing goes down forever. In order to buy low, sell high you must buy low.”

Advisors like DAIM have had success navigating these periods and retail investors have favored having someone to consult with when the going gets tough. For digital assets this is even more important. The volatility and abundance of untrustworthy projects means new investors could potentially wipe out their entire portfolio. DAIM has been in operation for 4 year, a long track record for this industry and is comfortable allocating client assets no matter the size. Courchesne concluded “we’re veterans in this space and realize a solid portfolio is Bitcoin-centric. I’m excited for investors who get in now and look forward to helping more achieve their financial goals through digital assets.”

The promotion runs through 11/30/2022 and is open to any person eligible to open a US based investment account. Those looking to open or transfer an IRA are eligible as well. You can contact DAIM at 949.922.3546, email or visit for more info.

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