David Woroboff

David Woroboff

California Entrepreneur David Woroboff Provides Funding For Students Who Wish To Launch a Business

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The David Woroboff Scholarship for Entrepreneurs provides funding for students who are interested in one day founding a successful business. The scholarship is available for students enrolled in accredited Universities and colleges studying on the road to becoming entrepreneurs. The scholarship is also available for high school students with a dream to become an entrepreneur and who enroll in a University to further their studies. The scholarship will be awarded to one lucky student based on a short essay competition. The best student must participate in a creative essay writing competition of less than 1,000 words answering the question “Explain how you could create a business idea that would fix an existing issue in the world today”. The winner of the competition will be awarded a total amount of $1,000 to pay for education and tuition fee. Along with the essay, students are requested to submit their official names and bio information.

David Woroboff is well aware of the difficult road ahead for student entrepreneurs based on his own experience. He also knows of how increasing educational costs, particularly for entrepreneurial education, place increasing strain on students who study to be entrepreneurs. Even though there are plenty of motivated and talented young entrepreneurs available today, many are left out due to a lack of funds to attend a college or university. Education costs are also rising, making it more difficult for student entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives. Students are forced to work part-time, and others drop out to work in white-collar jobs. Even though some people choose to start their businesses, the task is nearly impossible without the proper education. No one knows the challenges and troubles that students who study to become entrepreneurs face better than David Woroboff. As a result, Mr. Woroboff wishes to give back to the community by establishing a scholarship program for students who are creative and can demonstrate that their minds can create a new process or product to benefit others. Woroboff hopes to alleviate the best student’s financial strain through his scholarship. He also wishes that his scholarship fund will expand students’ access to financial aid. Mr. Woroboff also will mentor victor to help them develop and implement their idea.

David Woroboff founded and currently runs 24/7 Call-A-Doc. They are a national leader in telemedicine and remote mental health care. David is well-educated, having earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and executive business degree. David has spent over 30 years applying his skills and knowledge to the creation of new technologies aimed at improving general health and safety conditions. David also held a top-secret clearance with the government for 20 years. He is someone who values education and understands how much a good education can help one’s success. Woroboff intends to give back to the upcoming generation of aspiring entrepreneurs with his many years of expertise and success by establishing a scholarship program. For more information, all interested candidates should visit David Woroboff’s official scholarship page.

David Woroboff
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