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I was inspired to see this project to fruition an opportunity to be of service and help bring once classified pieces of history to light through the eyes and heart of a faithful warrior and his team.”

— Director/Filmmaker Ashley Cusato

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 12, 2023/ — Filmmaker, Director, Ashley Cusato announced today that her latest award winning Docu-Film about the life and career of one of one of the highest decorated Force Recon Marines in History, Major Capers is avail on VOD on iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.
Major James Capers Jr was the face of the United States Marines in the 1960’s-1970’s on billboards, posters, nationwide in one of the most successful recruiting campaigns in Marine history.

MAJOR CAPERS: THE LEGEND OF TEAM BROADMINDED is a biographical documentary following the life of an American hero, Marine Major James Capers, Jr. The documentary chronicles his progression from his early years as a son of a sharecropper to enlisting in the Marine Corps where he served as an elite Force Recon Marine in Vietnam as well as clandestine operations in Africa and Eastern Europe.
Major James Capers Jr. took part in 50 classified missions, was wounded 19 times in battle, returning home to his high school sweetheart to became face of the iconic “Ask a Marine” recruitment campaign.

The documentary features personal audio recording from the battlefield, never-before-seen photographs and personal video, classified documentation including original mission orders, interviews with surviving members of Team Broadminded, Pulitzer nominated author and Marine Frank McAdams as well as first-hand accounts from one of the greatest Marines to ever serve.

The once “classified” story of America hero Major James Capers Jr. can finally be told.

Ashley said “ I was inspired to see this project to fruition as it was an opportunity to be of service and help bring once classified pieces of history to light, through the eyes and heart of a faithful warrior and his team. My goal was to capture inspirational themes of perseverance and faith through Capers life story that began in childhood, as the son of a sharecropper through Capers’ service as a Force Recon Marine in the Vietnam war.

During my initial research, I found a trove of raw and honest personal recordings from the battlefield by Capers to his wife, Dottie. These and the accompanying letters, are some of the most captivating elements of the film.

Major Capers and the Legends of Team Broadminded represent the ultimate sacrifice and loyalty our American men and women endure while serving our country. My vision for this film was for Major Capers story to serve as a source of inspiration for others, to persevere and have faith.”

This Docu-Film has already won awards including
Telly Award Winner – Best documentary streaming
Telly Award Winner – Best Documentary television

GI Film Festival
Best Documentary Local Choice Award
Best First Time Filmmaker Award

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About Director, Filmmaker Ashley Cusato
Ashley Cusato, ALC Entertainment, makes her directorial debut with this biopic documentary. General James Williams approached Cusato to helm the project on behalf of Major Capers. As a producer, she was the driving force in raising the financing, and securing participation from the key figures on screen. Cusato honed the written narrative and used multiple visual elements to bring to life the heart pounding, gut wrenching moments Capers experienced on the frontlines.
A veteran of the industry, Cusato recently completed filming, “Escape Plan 2: Hades” with Sylvester Stallone, “The Life and Death of John Gotti” with John Travolta, as well as hosting and stunt driving in this seasons “Shutterspeed” on Motortrend. As an accomplished actress and stuntwoman, Cusato has worked with A-List actors and directors including Nick Cassavetes, James Mangold, Kevin Connolly, Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, and Penelope Cruz.

James Capers Jr. is a true American hero and Force Recon Marine legend who participated in over 50 classified missions, was wounded 19 times in battle and is one of the most decorated African American servicemen to ever serve.

He was born on August 25, 1937 in Bishop, South Carolina to a family of sharecroppers during the Jim Crowe era. Capers’ father had served time on a chain gang for a crime he did not commit and eventually fled to Baltimore with his family. The city was the backdrop for two lifechanging moments, first meeting the love of his life and future wife Dottie and enlisting in the Marines out of high school. This would be the start of a legendary career that broke barriers as one of the greatest U.S. Marines in history.

During his service he would be selected to join the elite Force Recon Marine unit where he excelled, breaking training records, participating in 64 long range reconnaissance patrols and five major campaigns in Vietnam. He was a natural leader and father figure to Team Broadminded, a specialized group of Force Recon Marines. Capers and Team Broadminded were routinely selected to go on the most dangerous and clandestine missions in Vietnam.
Missions included a POW rescue ordered by President Johnson, amphibious assaults in the DMZ, recovery of a B-57 rumored to have a nuclear bomb, and search and destroy patrols in Phu Loc.

A soft-spoken man, his commendations offer an inspiring view of his heroism and self-sacrifice. Nominated for the Medal of Honor, he has been awarded the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and Combat V, three Purple Hearts, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, a Joint Service Commendation Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, three Good Conduct Ribbons, Battle Stars, Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, CG Certificate of Merit, multiple letters of Merit, Appreciation, and Commendation.

Major Capers today is a very sought-after speaker at age 85 he travels the country speaking to Gold Star Families and continues to inspire marines in service today!

His achievements included being the first African American to command a Marine Recon company and the first enlisted African American Marine Officer to receive a battlefield commission.

In the fall of 1967, still recovering from combat injuries, Major James Capers was selected to represent the U.S. Marines in a national recruiting campaign. With full integration completed only in 1960, Capers’ image became the Marine Corps most popular recruitment

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