Life itself can catch us; lock us in a trans-Atlantic flow of mediocrity tinged with nonchalance. It can take quite a startling blow to wake us from such a slumber.”

— Michelee Elyse

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2023/ — Michelee Elyse’s The DNA Mafia: A Near Death Experience is an enthralling memoir that takes readers on a remarkable exploration of survival, interdimensional travel, and the pursuit of truth. Recently published by Bookmarc Alliance, Michelee shares her personal account of awakening from a coma and embarking on a profound quest to unravel the mysteries of reality.

“The DNA Mafia” offers a gripping, firsthand narrative of Michelee’s extraordinary experiences as she navigates through different dimensions, facing life-threatening challenges and encountering a nefarious physician, Dr. Downtington. With courage and determination, she rises against his malicious plans and discovers her own power to reshape her destiny.

Through her journey, Michelee’s tenacity and willpower become the driving force behind her recovery. She encounters a myriad of enigmatic people and bewildering circumstances, ultimately realizing the immense power of her creativity in forging new worlds and understanding the concept of timelessness. Her tale is an inspiration to coma survivors and sheds light on the complex process of reconciling their interdimensional experiences with the shared
reality of their loved ones upon returning to this life.

Michelee Elyse has served as an educator for over 25 years. She is also the author of “Taming the Beast of Anxiety,” a book that cross-examines the nature of anxiety and how difficult it is to live one’s life under its influence. Michelee emphasizes the significance of having an advance directive as a precautionary measure and aspires to be a featured speaker on TedTalks.

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