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Los Angeles based photographer, videographer, and colorist has started his media-based fashion and video business, Songbird Media.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many fashion and beauty enthusiasts have sought out Ferid Hasbun, graduate of the New York Film School and successful fashion and media artist. “My visuals are focused on beauty. Mostly what I do in fashion is an appreciation of beauty.. I’m super obsessed with creating visuals. I like observing the world.” Ferid has harnessed this passion in order to create Songbird Media, honing his talent into a well-formed niche. “I work in the camera department. Which means I’ve done filmwork, focus puller, second camera assistant, camera operator, director of photography for commercials. Now I’m focusing on fashion photography and videography.”

With a background in business administration, Hasbun has the multi-faceted experience to take his craft to the next level. His technical experience includes his New York Film School education and a decade in the industry. Hasbun has been published in national and international magazines, working with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Elle, and Grazia. He only wishes to go up from here.

“I come from business; I’m not just an artist.” Working with Hasbun will provide a competent and attentive experience. He considers himself a professional, describing his communication as “spot on, professional, quick to reply, and organized.” He knows how to conduct an efficient business and will leave no stone unturned for his clients. His efficiency and drive will provide a flawless service; combined with his eye for beautiful and intricate details of the human image that will leave you speechless with delight. The joy and passion he feels for his work is obvious, and shines through in his artwork.

In order to reach this point in his career, Hasbun has emphasized the importance of being obsessed with his craft, sharing the advice to “be curious about your craft and always willing to learn.” Since the age of ten, Hasbun knew he wanted to work with cameras, and made that dream a reality with sacrifice and drive. He also mentions that mental health and remaining true to himself has been a constant in his professional pursuits, ensuring that he never falters in kindness, yet remaining strong in the face of opposition. Achieving this balance is tricky work, and he has figured out his recipe. Hasbun has also built an excellent network. He emphasizes the importance of being immersed in the industry, which provides an abundance of opportunities that might not originally have been presented had he not placed himself within the proper community of professionals.

As Hasbun’s business continues to grow, the trajectory of his success will follow suit, as will his ability to capture beauty in order to share with others. He hopes to work with well-known names in fashion, being recognized for his versatility in cinema photography as well as his videography skills.

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