The amazing view of the Lost Coast in Humboldt, California

Frenchy enjoying a contemplative smoke in front of a mirror image pond.

The beautiful cannabis fields of Empress Farms

The long-awaited online release of the documentary film about the famed cannabis activist Frenchy Cannoli coming to Vimeo-On-Demand April 29th

The way we treat that plant, the way we work with it will define the future!”

— Frenchy Cannoli

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, April 24, 2023/ — Producer and cannabis activist KIMBERLY HOOKS, widow of famed cannabis concentrate expert and activist Frenchy Cannoli, today announced the worldwide online release of the documentary film by Jake Remington showcasing Frenchy’s work with the cannabis farmers of the famed Emerald Triangle.

“The intention of the film is to highlight the ethos of sustainable farming and dedication to quality sun-grown cannabis shared by Frenchy and his farmers,” Remington says. “During filming, California’s cannabis industry experienced waves of change that negatively affected and threatened the livelihood of the small farmers Frenchy worked with. This maelstrom of bureaucracy and hypocrisy forms the context of the film in which Frenchy and the farmers’ fight for quality — and survival — intensified,” Remington adds. “Unfortunately, the mistreatment of small cannabis farmers is still happening today, and, with the release of this documentary, we hope to bring awareness and change to the situation.”

To honor Frenchy’s connection with the outdoor farmers of the Emerald Triangle, 20% of film ticket sale proceeds will be donated to the cannabis terroir study project being carried out by the Lost Coast Farmers Guild, whose members are featured in the film and the Origins Council, a nonprofit advocacy association that serves 800 licensed small and independent cannabis businesses in legacy-producing counties throughout California. The project goal is to provide scientific data to support the Guild’s petition to establish one of the first legally recognized cannabis appellations in the world.

“We are grateful to the Frenchy Cannoli Brand for being so forward-thinking in making this donation,” says GENINE COLEMAN, executive director of the Origins Council. “Frenchy was a well-beloved leader of our community, and his legacy continues with the important work of honoring and protecting legacy cannabis farming.”

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