The ROOT-Brands is ‘Best-of-State’ Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle Company based on Nature’s Solutions. is 5-Star Rated, Peered Reviewed & Top 10

The ROOT Brands’ products are revolutionary, internationally renowned, and effectively designed to Detox, Improve Immunity and Boost Health & Wellness.”

— Gevers, Chief Science Officer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2022 / — Congratulations to The Root Brands, Clayton Thomas and Dr. Christina Rahm Cook. Their dedication to quality, improving life through daily positive actions and focus on hard work are an inspiration to all entrepreneurs across the globe. This honor represents endless hours of loving effort in order to help others to succeed in a business environment that is constantly morphing and re-inventing itself with merging challenges. Attention to detail is something that is a priority and the reason for ongoing notoriety and acclamations. Compliance to all legal requirement is a commitment ROOT made on Day 1.

CLAYTON THOMAS: “Clayton Thomas” possesses over 25 years’ experience in health and wellness. Growing up in an animal veterinary practice in southwest Washington, Clayton has a unique background in integrative therapies and research science that started in animal health. Having a degree in humanities with a focus in communications, business and kinesiology, his broad studies has allowed for a history that includes research and formula development.

For the last 16 years, “Clayton Thomas” has focused on detoxification formulas and business ventures. His background has included environmental and human health solutions, but he has remained dedicated to animal health. An entrepreneur in the healthcare industry he has developed business models of analytical testing in medical practices to improve quality of care by identifying risks of the big three diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, with additional risk factors. “Clayton Thomas” has served as a business development specialist in every aspect of wellness: sales, distribution, formulation creation, consulting, manufacturing and now the architect of an entirely new method of business with the ROOT social sharing community platform. His mission is to help improve the world through scientific and business approaches. A simple philosophy: Cure the Cause.

Keys to Success. Direct Sales can be a tricky line of work given the difficulty of winning clients and the need to stay within legal guidelines. Success requires the ability to win others over so that they either buy your product or help sell it. It also calls for a high level of faith in the product you’re marketing and the company behind it. Here are the top reasons why one prospers in Direct Sales:

(1) Stability and Reputation: Working with a company that’s been around for a while and makes a product that enjoys a good reputation helps lead to success. Direct Selling companies can sometimes appear similar to pyramid or Ponzi schemes, which are illegal multi-level investment vehicles that exist solely to get new distributors to pay into the system. Since Direct Selling companies market and sell products and services, the better the track record one can point to, the easier it will be to ease the concerns of potential recruits and buyers.

(2) Product Usefulness: Given the difficult Direct Selling landscape, ones chances of success increase if they are selling something people are already familiar with, have a need for and will value when they own it. Try to market something that’s of low quality, or that one doesn’t use themselves, and the customers will not buy it. If one can’t sit at lunch and convince them you love what is being explained, they won’t love it either.

(3) Do Your Research: Know how to get paid to do and how the money made from your efforts is distributed. Find out how much of each sales dollar gets sent back from the distributor and how the money is divided across each link of the MLM chain. Make sure you are comfortable with the arrangement and with what it requires you to do. If incentives require moving vast quantities of product, be comfortable with the quotas. If it’s all about securing customers, investigate whether the company falls on the right side of the legal divide between MLM marketing and pyramid schemes.

(4) Network Management: Succeeding in Direct Sales requires supporting recruits brought in as well as the ones the recruits later add to their own networks. Turning recruits into “orphans” — those who don’t get the support or training they need because their mentors are too busy — is a sure way to make them into frustrated salesmen who either quit or fail to reach their potential. Train and support recruits in order to make them capable of both selling the product and further promoting the company. Mentoring and coaching can be a critical element to entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the inherent financial stake someone has in the success of their recruits.

(5) Sell, Sell, Sell: Ultimately, to succeed in the Direct Sales business, you have to be a somewhat of an average salesman. Use social networks, both actual and virtual, to serve as the base of both customers and recruits. Success comes down to sales, whether they are the products being sold to customers or those recruits move, and the more customers, the more likely one is likely to find this a lucrative line of work.

Dr. Christina Rahm: Dr. Rahm (AKA: Dr. Christina Rahm Cook) is an ‘artistic scientist’ and experienced ‘clinical researcher.’ She has traveled worldwide consulting for international businesses in these critical areas: (1) Best Business-Practices, (2) the Power of Natural, Healthy Ingredients and (3) The Importance of Focusing on Self-Wellness.

Dr. Rahm’s education consists of: Undergraduate degree, Master degree, Doctorates, and Post-Graduate-work in Science. Her extensive focus includes targeted education and enhanced training in: Tissue Engineering, Counseling, Psychology, Nano-Structures, Health Rehabilitation, Biochemical Engineering, Nano-Technology, Bioscience Engineering, Biomedical Product Development, Nano-Biotechnology in addition to Targeted Drug Delivery.

Dr. Rahm’s continued-education includes advanced-studies at: Southwest Baptist, Murray State University, University of South Alabama, University of Sarasota, Argosy University, Peri Institute along with Harvard and Charter. Dr. Rahm is not a M.D. (i.e. Medical Doctor), but rather the title, Dr. Christina Rahm and/or Dr. Christina Rahm Cook, is her public figure name and relates directly to her dedicated efforts, and Advanced Degrees, in the Sciences (Including Doctorate and Post-Doctorate work in various scientific fields).

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Dr. Rahm’s Pharmaceutical and Biotech careers consist of executive level work in: Business and Industry Consulting, Clinical Science, Sales, Medical Science, as well as Clinical Research. She has worked with companies including: Pfizer, Bristol Meyer Squibb, UCB, Biogen, Biogen Idec, Janssen / J&J, and Alexion. Because of concerns with unverifiable finished-product quality, Dr. Rahm no longer has confidence in, and does not endorse or ‘back,’ any previous, cold-press, seed-based nutritional products that she helped to formulate and/or manufacture. Furthermore, again for efficacious reasons, Dr. Rahm also does not endorse, represent, license, or sale any diluted “water solutions” like: Water-soluble zeolite clinoptilolite fragments, Water-soluble zeolite products, and/or any fictional products that have “hydrolyzed clinoptilolite fragments” because of well documented quality-control, safety concerns, and the lack of real-world results.

While Dr. Rahm previously filed provisional patents in this particular toxin removal and detoxifying space, upon reviewing hard scientific findings, she subsequently decided to not defend any patents due to a lack of confidence in both the: (a) Formulations (b) Manufacturing processes and the (c) Clearly undeveloped and unproven technologies. Instead, Dr. Rahm pivoted and has developed scientifically superior products by utilizing her years of advanced Bio-Science Engineering, proven Nutraceutical Product Development and Registered, Pharmaceutical-Grade, Laboratory Protocols (Including cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practice).

What are the key compliance guidelines that must be followed for businesses to engage in Direct Selling? Key Direct Selling Regulations:
The Federal Trade Commission’s regulations regarding Direct Selling are generally well-known by people in the field. All persons or organizations who engage in e-commerce are participants in a form of Direct Selling. However, most e-commerce sellers have only one “tier” of distributors. As a result, they don’t fall under the umbrella of a multi-level marketing business. The principles at the foundation of Direct Selling are based on a simple mathematical formula: additive growth vs. exponential growth. While most ecommerce businesses seek to advance sales along only one tier creating additive sales growth, the concept of multi-level marketing is based on the notion of increasing sales by exponentially growing the sales organization. Simply put, direct selling companies are constructed on the notion that if ten sales people grow their direct sales by ten percent per month, a certain level of revenues will be generated based on sales. Despite the soundness of the concept, some Direct Selling companies subordinate product and services sales to organizational growth. In other words, there was a greater focus on growing a massive base of distributors rather than sales growth. This practice led to the Federal Trade Commission establishing requirements as listed below.

(a) Key Compliance Requirement #1 Income Disclosure: Whether the direct sale occurs online, in person, and or by other means, the FTC requires that the income statement reveal that the primary revenue streams of the company are generated by the sale of goods and services to external buyers who are not organizationally connected to the company; It’s called an Income Disclosure Statement or IDS. (b) Key Compliance Requirement #2 Customers Required: An audit of the financial rewards must also reveal that the compensation paid to Distributors is a result of the actual sale of goods and services to external buyers rather than fees paid for the expansion of the sales team. (c) Key Compliance Requirement #3 Testimonials: Direct Selling companies, in recruiting their sales team, must not directly and/or by implication and/or images or testimonies, generate an inflated image of the earnings associated with Direct Selling participation. The testimonials and/or other marketing materials used should generate realistic images of potential earnings that have been calculated as the mean of earnings that occurred based on past participation. (d) Key Compliance Requirement #4 – International: If a company sales its goods and services in different states and/or worldwide, an array of other compliance guidelines are operational. (f) If your Direct Selling Company sells through e-commerce, other compliance rules exist. As mentioned, because e-commerce or online sales have now become a primary venue for direct sales, regulations to protect buyers in the e-commerce space must also be strictly observed. ( DSA )

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