A picture of a medical practitioner putting on medical gloves in preparation for a procedure like Dr. James Murtagh.

A picture of a medical practitioner putting on medical gloves in preparation for a procedure.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Long-time medical expert Dr. James Murtagh has spent his entire career as a practitioner in some capacity. Along with helping patients traditionally, he’s also been a researcher, writer, and more for the medical industry. This includes a significant focus on ethics to ensure everything is operating correctly.

Research has always been a significant part of Dr. James Murtagh’s career. Shortly after graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School, he took on a job as a Staff Scientist for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Research Agency.

He spent time researching while also working as a practitioner. It proved rewarding, as he had a chance to learn more about his expertise and spread helpful information through published work.

Later, he took on a job as a Medical Researcher in Atlanta. He received millions of dollars in grant support to focus on sleep science while at the Atlanta VA Medical Center and Grady Memorial Hospital. Eventually, he landed a job as the Medical Director for Sleepcor of Southeast Georgia.

A renewed interest in sleep apnea treatment has Dr. James Murtagh as hungry as ever to learn. His focus has shifted a bit over the years.

Previously, he spent a lot of time researching and writing about pulmonary disease. He’s also worked in emergency rooms and critical care over the years.

Education in the medical field never stops. Dr. Murtagh’s passion is writing, as he always looks into new information in sleep medicine.

He has served as editor for both OpEdNews.com and MedicalTuesday.net. This is where he presented his findings and covered ethical topics very important to him.

A medical practitioner doesn’t always have time to dedicate to being more than just someone seeing patients. With decades in the industry juggling both sides, it’s allowed Dr. James Murtagh to have a unique perspective.

His reputation as a significant stickler for detail to get everything correct has lasted a very long time. It’s part of what keeps him well-respected in the industry despite so many changes over the years.

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University of Michigan Medical School graduate Dr. Murtagh has worked in sleep medicine for the last several years. He currently serves as the Medical Director of the Eastgate Laboratories for Sleepcare Diagnostics. He’s also a researcher and writer for several publications within the medical industry.

His research has allowed him to stay on top of the industry as so many things change around him. Diving into medical ethics ensures that everything is done the right way in all sectors of the profession. It helps patients and professionals keep everything operating as it should.

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