LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Robert Jeffrey, a prominent force guiding the pain management industry, offers a free two-hour webinar for fitness and healthcare professionals. The no-cost course is available to those who take advantage of the two low-cost DVDs that come with the program. Sensory Motor Balancing Technique offers two DVDs, which include both Foundational and Advanced Training. The goal of the DVDs is to teach its users proven techniques that concentrate on reducing or eliminating pain. The source of chronic pain can sometimes be hard to pinpoint. Dr. Jeffrey uses his proven technique to diagnose and treat one of the nation’s most significant issues.

“This technique will help practitioners learn and address dysfunctional areas that are often overlooked. It was developed over years of treating patients in a way to quickly address chronic pain,” says Dr. Jeffrey.

Packed together, the videos created by Dr. Jeffrey teach users of his powerful system how to identify causes of pain by locating disruptive tissues using a person’s body. Not only is the process effective, but the revolutionary breakthrough also is not time-consuming. Patients who have taken advantage of Dr. Jeffrey’s methods boast excellent results, such as being “pain-free” after just “one visit.” The process helps to “reboot” the system and eradicate discomfort. According to The Yoga Word, chronic pain affects around 40% of adults in the United States. Regardless of the cause of pain, the results can be life-altering and debilitating. Irrespective of if the injury is old or recently occurred, Dr. Jeffrey’s system could produce significant pain relief results. Additionally, the program can be accessed nearly anywhere, making it practical and convenient.

“The technique uses the body itself to guide you to the root of the dysfunction to correct it quickly. You can learn the technique in the comfort of your home by watching the DVDs,” explains Dr. Jeffrey.

The added benefit to the program is the webinar that Dr. Jeffrey will host on Saturday, February 4, for those who purchase the DVDs before January 31, 2023. Just use the code January2023 to receive a 30 % reduction on the set of DVDs. The sale will be over once the DVDs in stock are sold out or on January 31, 2023, which ever comes first. During the webinar, the pain management pioneer will further explore the concepts and applications detailed in the videos. In addition to receiving more information, students of the course will also have a chance to ask Dr. Jeffrey questions.

For additional information about Dr. Jeffrey and the free webinar, please visit his website at www.sensorymotorbalancingtechnique.com.

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