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Edison Ruiz actor and Sandrine Bisson actress Behind the scenes on

Behind the scenes shooting in Montreal, Canada

Edison Ruíz on Set in the character of Francisco Guanco

Edison Tuiz in Burbank Ca, dressed by Dexit and Co.

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Edison Ruíz standing by his performance and nomination

The night of the awards ceremony

Screenshot of a scene on the tv series Les temps des framboises

The ceremony took place last September 18th in the city of Montreal making Edison Ruíz is the first Mexican nominee in that category.

LOS ANGELES , CA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2022 / — Last July, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television nominated the outstanding work of the Mexican actor Edison Ruíz, as best leading actor, for his work in the Canadian Tv series “Les Temps des Framboises” with the character of Francisco Guanco, a mexican immigrant that works in Canadian Strawberry Fields. This character executed beautifully by Edison Ruiz shows the difficulties that many field workers had to face every strawberry season. Under the direction of the award-winning Philippe Falardeau, who in turn has been nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film, Monsieur Lazhar (2012).

The ceremony took place this September 18 in the city of Montreal this made Edison Ruíz is the first Mexican nominee in that category.

“Les Temps des Framboises” was shown on the Canadian television Club Ilico in April 2022. It debuted at the international market at the Berlinale in February 2022. Just Right after this award ceremony “Les temps des Framboises”won Seoul Drama Awards in Korea as best internacional miniseries on 2022.

This series “The Season of Raspberries”represents a beautiful meeting of cultures and, to make everything even more believable, the series takes place between several languages ​​between French, English, Spanish and sign language.

“Les Temps des Framboises” (“Raspberry Season”), will transport us to the new world of Elizabeth, (Sandrine Bisson) who faces the duel, but also a heartbreaking story of impossible love, deeply moving. The series will take a contemporary look at the rural world by honestly exposing the profile of foreign agricultural workers, as well as the psychological anguish of farmers.

Edison Ruíz, who has a 20-year uninterrupted career, has brought countless performances to the small and big screens that have left us frozen, speechless and astonished, in his interpretation of the corrupt Comandante Méndez in Narcos México, in El Dragón as Tacho Guadaña, or as the charismatic villain Alexis Garza from Guerra de Ídolos. In his last works as INFINITE, a film where he produced and starred Mark Wahlberg. The movie Black Out is about to be released with the character of Rubén alongside Omar Chaparro, Josh Duhamel directed by the talented Sam Macaroni, director of John Wick 3. As well as a special participation in Bardo under the direction of Alejandro González Iñárritu, recently premiered at Venezia Film Festival.

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Edison Ruiz nominee Best Actor for the Canadian Tv and Films Academy