Efani is expanding its secure mobile service beyond the US with plans to launch in Mexico in the April timeframe.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to Haseeb Awan, the founder and CEO, we started solving a simple problem in 2019: to eliminate the SIM swap issue. As a multiple SIM swap victim, his first intention was to defend himself from SIM swaps, but then friends and contacts wanted the same, and Efani was born.

The main threat to mobile is the dreaded SIM swap which, according to the FBI, has grown over 40% yearly for the last few years.  Efani solved the SIM swap problem in 2019, and it’s just a matter of using the Efani SAFE plan to get SIM security and insurance.  However, hackers now have tools to execute passive threats, such as using an IMSI catcher to get into your voice calls, read or capture your text messages, track your location, and much more. According to Mark Kreitzman, the General Manager of Efani, “standard mobile voice and SMS is an easy target with many different ways to track and hack people. Most people are unaware and, therefore, are easily tricked into clicking links, downloading random apps and images, and inviting the trojan horse into their digital house. Once a hacker has info about their device, IMSI number, and other critical information, they can execute many hacks to steal information or harass their victim stealthily.

Efani has recently announced their Black Seal secure data plan, which provides proactive detection and protection against advanced passive threats such as cell tower spoofers (IMSI catchers), DNS hijacking, DDOS attack, and more, by protecting the cellular data stream from the device into the network. Efani is also releasing a secure VoIP solution to provide encrypted voice, video, and messaging, much like Signal, but also allows for global communication with landlines and mobile devices.

The first expansion outside the US is planned for Mexico in April, where Efani will offer their SAFE plan to protect against SIM swaps, Black Seal to protect data, and VoIP to offer customers a second mobile number with encrypted communication. “Efani enables a carrier or MVNO a service targeting the VIP market with advanced mobile cybersecurity offers that differentiate themselves from their competition,” says Mark Kreitzman, General Manager of Efani. Adding, “Businesses, Governments, and high-profile individuals are asking their carrier to solve these issues, and Efani can quickly fill this demand while increasing their annual revenue per user (ARPU) simultaneously.

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