Supercharge your success as an EPC, developer, or contractor with ENERGY AMERICA’s USA presence

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2023/ — Energy America, the vanguard of energy ingenuity, surges forward with an electrifying presence that reverberates across the nation. Their trailblazing solutions not only promise to redefine the economic landscape but also unleash an unstoppable tide of energy independence, propelling the United States into a realm of uncharted possibilities. Through their empowering embrace of Energy Procurement and Construction Services (EPCS), developers, and contractors, Energy America becomes the catalyst for a seismic shift toward sustainable and awe-inspiring energy solutions. With visionary zeal and unwavering determination, they illuminate a path that intertwines boundless economic growth with the preservation of our planet’s natural treasures, igniting a transformation that leaves no doubt about the magnitude of their impact.

At the heart of Energy America’s mission lies its unwavering commitment to optimizing energy procurement processes. Through their ingenious platform, fortified by cutting-edge data analytics and market intelligence, Energy America revolutionizes the sourcing, negotiation, and management of energy contracts. This powerful tool equips businesses and consumers with the ability to secure an affordable and unwavering energy supply, empowering them to navigate the shifting tides of inflation with ease. By ushering in an era of informed decision-making, Energy America unveils a realm of untapped savings potential, minimizing the impact of inflation on energy costs.

Empowering Developers and Contractors: Igniting the Flames of Energy Independence

“Supercharge your success as an EPC, developer, or contractor with ENERGY AMERICA’s USA presence, leading the charge towards inflation reduction and securing energy independence.”

Recognizing the imperative nature of energy independence for the sustainable progress of the United States, Energy America takes great strides in partnership with developers and contractors. They embark on a transformative journey, redrawing the renewable energy landscape and accelerating the deployment of clean energy infrastructure. With their unparalleled expertise in project planning, financing, and execution, Energy America paves the way for the construction of awe-inspiring solar farms, majestic wind turbines, and a multitude of other renewable energy installations. These endeavors significantly reduce the nation’s reliance on traditional fossil fuel sources, kindling the fire of energy independence and resilience at both local and national levels.

“Jack Stone” CEO of ENERGY AMERICA, Ignites the Vision

Embodying the spirit of progress, Jack Stone, the visionary CEO of Energy America, proudly shares his passion for driving inflation reduction and energy independence in the USA. “We stand exhilarated to lead the vanguard of this transformative movement,” says Name. “Our all-encompassing approach to energy solutions empowers EPCS, developers, and contractors to shape a future where the economy thrives and the environment flourishes. By leveraging our expertise, state-of-the-art technologies, and strategic partnerships, we are revolutionizing the way energy is procured, constructed, and consumed across America.”

Commitment to Sustainability: A Tapestry of Innovation and Collaboration

Energy America’s commitment to sustainability extends far beyond the confines of their core operations. They actively champion research and development initiatives that push the boundaries of clean energy technologies, propelling the transition towards a harmonious, carbon-neutral future. Collaborating hand-in-hand with esteemed academic institutions and industry experts, Energy America fosters groundbreaking innovations in energy storage, grid optimization, and other critical areas. Their unwavering dedication ensures the creation of a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure that will serve generations to come.

Expanding Presence, Pioneering Prosperity

As Energy America continues to spread its wings across the United States, their mission resonates with unwavering clarity: to empower EPCS, developers, and contractors as the driving forces behind inflation reduction and the cultivation of energy independence. Through their visionary solutions, Energy America forges an uncharted path towards a future where prosperity, sustainability, and resilience intertwine, illuminating a beacon of hope for the nation and beyond.

About Energy America

Energy America is an independent renewable energy engineering,
construction, procurement, consultancy & solar module manufacturing firm
operating worldwide in renewables. EA has been involved in the solar
industry since more than 15 years worldwide. EA was founded in 2008 as an
engineering firm. In 2010 EA commenced innovation of solar cells in
Germany with assistance from Berlin Energy and Exim bank under the
advanced research and development of higher efficiency solar modules for
Deep space exploration and power generation.

In 2013 EA established its first solar module manufacturing facility in Vietnam
to cover for EA solar farm projects in Middle East for multiple oil rigs, initially
EA invested in 500MW and further expansion to 1.8GW by 2016. In 2018, EA
invested 650 million in the United States of America for the establishment of
1GW solar module production facility in California to cater for the USA market.
Later on, expansion in production towards the IRA act for domestically
produced panels. In 2020 EA creates three new divisions towards turnkey
EPC approach and originations to cater for the global energy demand and
power generation in the USA and around the globe.

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