The software empowers your staff by communicating clearly defined roles that positively impact efficiency and patient turnaround.

CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / — Running a successful business with a lack of proper structure in place can be counterproductive. As is the case with an endodontist practice. Endodontic SuperSystems, or ESS, is a platform that creates proper process flows and harmony between the different departments of a dentist’s team.

A typical team usually comprises both trained endodontists and medically untrained managerial staff. The Endodontist, or the team lead, is the person holding the fort for all practices. Understanding the various technical processes of the practice by the administrative staff can be challenging and cumbersome.

The need for clear communication is important to improve productivity and employee morale. The ESS system is designed to empower the entire staff in understanding their individual job responsibilities. This in turn will help in increased patient turnover and revenue growth, along with giving the practice leader the right support to focus on the patients and the business.

ESS employs the three building blocks­­­­­ of brand, process, and skills. Each component customizes the process, training, and data, that helps yield three times the growth and efficiency of staff. Built to transform small businesses, ESS provides detailed training and workflows for all functions, including front office, back office, manager, and endodontist. It clearly conveys the daily routines and procedures at the clinic. This helps in managing expectations and sees a substantial reduction in the endodontist’s time in the operation theater, creating openings for more treatments and accommodating patient emergencies.

The affordable software uses SaaS technology to embrace process and role-specific workflows that shave hours off each workday. This helps in increasing endodontic retreatment success rate and restoring time for more treatments. It even endorses a healthy work-life balance for the staff. Dr.Matt Nealon, an Endodontist at Berkley, recommends the ESS software by quoting, “Creating time for patients and emergencies is important for the staff. The software creates predictability that helps reduce stress and gives the staff a clear understanding of their roles.”

About Endodontic SuperSystems: ESS is a platform that relies on a mix of endodontic consulting, practice and learning management systems. The process maps, workflows, and education modules reduce hiring and training costs and cuts the endodontist’s operational time in half. The single, complete ESS platform gives a practice – and its people – growth and harmony.

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