CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / — The software optimizes the daily operations of endodontic practices, and enhances their efficiency and productivity to create a better experience for both the practitioners and patients.

Endodontic SuperSystems, a business process augmentation platform, offers optimized business process models for
endodontic practices. The platform is developed to automate and streamline the operations and activities that comes with running an endodontic practice. Modeled after the organizational structures of successful, high-production and high revenue generating practices, Endodontic SuperSystems (ESS) optimizes the business processes of endo practice, giving the team a positive, secure, and professional work experience, while also making patients feel better, healthier, and instilling lasting confidence in their professionals.

The ESS platform provides a system that integrates all business and organizational processes and workflows essential to endodontic practices which include front office and back office work, and managerial tasks. Professionals who use the platform can access an adaptable plan for each of the five stages in a practice’s potential growth cycle. This prepares practices with the best CBCT for endodontics for certain financial and operational challenges, and prevents them from vulnerabilities that can put their business at risk.

One of the major features of the ESS platform is laying out maps and workflows that guide each team member to perform their roles and responsibilities efficiently. This saves the endodontist time which would rather be spent on patients rather than on relatively less valuable procedures. By increasing the efficiency of each team member and optimizing their business practices, the platform can help reduce the endodonist’s time in the operatory substantially, creating time and opportunity for more treatments, CBCT in endodontics, and accommodating patient emergencies.

The ESS also provides an effective solution to one of the common challenges which is training and retention of candidates of the endodontist having to conduct briefing and training with every new hire, the platform takes over this induction process through training modules with clear, innovative, and easy to use online access courses that guide each hire for their specific role.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the platform, CEO and Founder, Dr. Christopher Sabourin said, “We built Endodontics SuperSystems (ESS) to share the customizable building blocks of high production practices. It’s our way of serving small businesses – contributing to the potential of practitioners and teams serving our community and growing our economy. The ESS platform is designed to improve quality of life for the circle of human experience around each practice: to give endo teams a positive, secure and professional work experience. To make patients feel better, healthier, and to inspire lasting confidence in their professionals, and to give hardworking endodontists work-life balance and time for the people in their lives.”

About Endodontic SuperSystems: Endodontic SuperSystems is a business process augmentation platform that offers optimized business process models for endodontic practices.

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